Cprime Monthly Migration Customer Story Round-Up | Autumn 2023

Welcome to our new Monthly Migration Customer Story Round-Up! In this first edition, we’re excited to share a collection of some of our most recent impactful migration tales. Each of the following stories reflects the unique challenges that our diverse range of clients face, and the creative solutions our dedicated delivery teams developed to overcome them.


Ensuring healthcare compliance for a dual server consolidation and Atlassian Cloud migration at Molina Healthcare

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Company Size: 10,000+
  • Location: California
  • Type of Migration: Jira Server to Cloud

The Problem:

Molina Healthcare, an enterprise California-based company, was concerned about maintaining health compliance in considering a cloud migration. They were operating on two separate Jira Server instances with extensive user bases and data. To enhance collaboration and streamline operations, Molina Healthcare sought to consolidate these instances into one. 

Additionally, with EOL approaching for the server platform, they recognized the need to migrate to Atlassian Cloud. This decision was driven by Atlassian’s promise to manage maintenance and aligned with the company’s healthcare compliance requirements.

The Solution:

We helped to devise a comprehensive consolidation and migration strategy for the client. 

First, we merged Molina Healthcare’s two server instances into a single, optimized environment. Subsequently, this unified instance was migrated to Atlassian Cloud, ensuring a seamless transition for the company. 

One of the standout features of this engagement was the intricate documentation and security requirements unique to the healthcare industry. To comply with those regulations, including the Business Associate Agreement (BAA) critical for HIPAA compliance, our dedicated engineers meticulously provided all necessary documentation. This effort was instrumental in obtaining BAA compliance, allowing Molina Healthcare to confidently move forward with their cloud migration and resulting in a resounding success.


SPS Commerce’s Jira and Confluence Server to Data Center migration

  • Industry: Information & Technology Services
  • Company Size: 2,000+
  • Location: Minnesota
  • Type of Migration: Jira & Confluence Server to Data Center

The Problem:

When faced with the notice that their server was being decommissioned at the end of the year, SPS Commerce needed to decide if they should migrate to Data Center or Cloud. To safeguard their data, address unique security concerns, and maintain zero downtime during maintenance, they opted to migrate to Data Center. 

Additionally, they were interested in improved governance for user management and permissions control and sought an Atlassian partner to help develop a solution that met all their requirements.

The Solution:

As long-time partners, SPS Commerce came to Cprime to help tackle these issues and create a comprehensive migration strategy. 

Cprime performed an analysis of its DC infrastructure, making recommendations that would ensure seamless data transmission and high availability during the transition while also implementing advanced security measures specific to SPS Commerce’s security requirements.

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was managing five complex, external-facing integrations vital to the client’s operations. Cprime’s extensive experience ensured a seamless transfer, preserving customer functionality with limited impact.

As a result of this migration, SPS Commerce successfully transitioned to a new Data Center, bolstered security, achieved its goal of zero downtime, and streamlined user management.


Strategic cloud migration for a global software leader

  • Industry: Software
  • Company Size: 10,000+
  • Location: Colorado
  • Type of Migration: Jira and Confluence Server to Cloud

The Problem:

A Colorado-based software industry firm embarked on an ambitious journey driven by their IT department’s cost-saving directive. Their primary goals were twofold: reduce operational expenses and consolidate their Jira and Confluence instances to enhance future scalability. 

However, this transformation came with certain challenges: the client had a diverse range of use cases, each with distinctly different requirements. Convincing the corporate stakeholders to embrace the cloud migration was another hurdle, as they were deeply accustomed to their legacy data center infrastructure and processes.

The Solution:

To address the complex challenges of merging instances while also accommodating the diverse use cases, a meticulous, phased approach was taken. 

We worked closely with the client to conduct exhaustive testing. The thousands of nested macros in the Confluence environment were addressed and remediated. The migration was executed over two separate weekends, minimizing disruptions and allowing for seamless adoption. 

The client achieved their goals of reducing cost by limiting administrative responsibilities and infrastructure maintenance. They ultimately realized the many benefits of migrating to Cloud, understanding its long-term investment in improved scalability and putting themselves in a position for improved growth and innovation.


Cloud Migration for California-Based Financial Institution

  • Industry: Financial
  • Company Size: 11-50
  • Location: California
  • Type of Migration: Jira & Confluence Server to Cloud

The Problem:

In sunny California, a medium-sized financial institution faced a pressing challenge. The impending end-of-server support and license expiration meant they needed to migrate their critical systems from Jira and Confluence Server to Atlassian Cloud. 

However, this company had stringent security policies and a unique requirement that set them apart—they conducted all written communication exclusively through email, both internally and externally. The complexity arose from a critical add-on that enabled email-based communication within their existing server environment, as there was no straightforward path that also migrated all the required rules and automations.

The Solution: 

The Cprime delivery team tackled the challenge head-on. 

After conducting several test migrations it became evident that the necessary email rules were not being successfully transferred. A strategic pivot was made and the team leveraged native automation functionality in Jira Cloud. They meticulously rewrote all the mail rules, eliminating the need for the problematic add-on in the cloud environment. This solution not only ensured compatibility with the financial institution’s strict communication policies, but also resulted in substantial time and budget savings.

Customer Feedback, one month post-migration: “Things are going smoothly thanks to Cprime’s help. We appreciate Cprime’s knowledge of the system and willingness to help however possible. Communication was very good and I feel all team members were on the same page throughout the project. Our experience with Cprime was good and we will keep you in mind for future projects and initiatives.”

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