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Take your Atlassian tech stack from where you are to where you need to be, seamlessly


Are you looking for solutions to these common challenges?

  • Previous Atlassian migration attempts have been unsuccessful
  • Your current Atlassian tools lack integration, efficiency and scalability
  • Outdated legacy solutions perform poorly and leave you vulnerable to security threats
  • Multiple instances and licensing mismanagement has left you with an inflated total cost of ownership

“Customers who migrated from Atlassian Server to Atlassian Cloud reported benefits such as a 33% reduction in downtime, 37% increase in team productivity, and 33% reduction in IT costs. The study also found that 94% of the surveyed customers said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their decision to migrate to Atlassian Cloud.”

Atlassian survey, 2021

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Atlassian Cloud Specialized

Benefits of migrating your Atlassian tools

Better Performance

Upgraded and streamlined instances—in the optimal environment for your needs—offer smooth, fast performance so you can deliver value faster

Enhanced Security

A fresh, consolidated environment running the latest upgrades with optimized user management means you’re less vulnerable

Simplified Scalability

Your post-migration environment can be customized to support whatever your business needs to keep growing sustainably

Greater Value

The perfect migration will often lower TCO; even if the cost is the same, you’ll get far more value for every dollar you invest

Migration Services

Migration from 3rd Party Tools

Looking to replace your outdated or expensive tools? Work with us to identify and migrate to an Atlassian tool stack that meets your needs.

Migrate Your Tools

Atlassian Data Center Migration

Beat the countdown even if Atlassian Cloud isn’t the best solution for your business. An optimized move to Data Center will enhance performance, reliability, and flexibility.

Move to Data Center

Atlassian Cloud Migration

Work with our team of cloud migration experts to identify risks and ensure seamless migration to Atlassian Cloud, which provides scalability, flexibility and security.

Plan Your Move to Cloud

Application Migration & Modernization

Upgrade your applications, tools, and software to drive productivity and growth by consolidating your platforms and migrating legacy applications to Atlassian tools.

Optimize Your Technology

Cprime Cloud Hosting

Have us host your instances on Cprime Cloud if managing your infrastructure or switching to SaaS solutions due to compliance or governance issues is not feasible.

Delegate Cloud Management

Cprime is your Atlassian Migration partner

At Cprime, we provide end-to-end solutions for migrating, integrating, consolidating, and optimizing your Atlassian technology stack. Our team of 25+ certified experts specializes in all types of Atlassian-related migrations—Server to Cloud or Data Center, Data Center to Cloud, instance consolidations, infrastructure hosting and upgrades and third-party tools to the Atlassian ecosystem.

Our extensive experience focuses on delivering tailored solutions to clients across multiple industries. We follow a proven methodology that ensures seamless, efficient, cost-effective and on-time migrations, customized based solely on your business requirements and unique needs.

Still not sure whether Data Center or Cloud is right for you? Read our FAQs>


Data loss is among your top concerns, and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why everything we do during the migration adheres to the strictest protocols to ensure data fidelity. You can rest assured we’ll be doing everything imaginable to ensure your data comes out unharmed on the other side of your migration. That’s the Cprime Migration Guarantee.

Client Success

See how we’ve helped others effortlessly optimize their technology stack.

Customer Success Story

Collaboration: The Key to a Successful Atlassian Cloud Migration at Croesus

Croesus leveraged on-premise server-based instances of Jira and Confluence and saw the need for a change. They reached out for guidance and selected Cprime as an advisor and migration partner who could provide a full suite of services, knowledge, and experience, and could work closely with the Croesus team in an Agile environment. Cprime excelled in that partner role as we were aligned on budget, timelines, and team agile mindset.

Maximize the return on your Atlassian investment