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Managed Hosting

Maintaining, monitoring, and tuning your infrastructure and applications


AWS Cloud based application hosting

Let Cprime manage the cloud infrastructure that hosts your tech stack.

Quickly host and scale any applications with a team of experts who are certified to support your needs.


Securely host and scale any application with a team of experts who are certified to support your needs.


A scalable environment based on your unique needs & growth rather than managing dated hardware that creates overhead for your technical professionals

Expert Support

Cprime’s on watch-duty with a team of experts who are certified to support your needs so you can focus on driving the needs of your business rather than supporting your infrastructure

Real-time Monitoring

Alerts and notifications keep you up to date on best practices for maintaining stability and scalability for your hosted apps


At Cprime, we prioritize your security and peace of mind. Embracing advanced DevSecOps, we offer unmatched environmental isolation and stringent access controls, ensuring safe, seamless cloud operations

We can help

Cprime Managed Hosting allows you procurement within days, scalability, monitoring, and expert support. 

After migrating to secure Cprime AWS hosting, our team of sire reliability engineers, with years of experience, will support your infrastructure and ensure the environment is optimized to fit your needs.

Choose Us As Your Trusted Partner

Our skills and experience make us a trusted partner for organizations looking to transform their service operations and deliver value faster. Our partnerships with some of the biggest names in the tech space have made us specialists in ITSM, DevOps, Agile at Scale, Cloud and Enterprise solutions.

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