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Prepaid Learning Credits

Your Key to Flexible, Cost-Effective Training Solutions

Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you tired of losing unused learning and development funds at the end of your fiscal year?
  • Do you struggle to find cost-effective training solutions without compromising quality?
  • Are scheduling conflicts hindering your team’s training progress?
  • Is your organization struggling to keep up with change management?

Transform Your Training Strategy with Prepaid Learning Credits from Cprime

With Prepaid Learning credits from Cprime, you can pre-purchase training for up to one year, giving you the flexibility and freedom to tailor your teams’ learning experience without the stress of last-minute decisions or changing organizational requirements. Prepaid Learning Credits can be applied to private team learning, individual registration for Cprime public enrollment sessions, or a combination of both. You do not need to determine which courses you want to take at the time of purchase. Cprime’s Learning Advisors will help you find the courses that best suit your teams’ needs and estimate how many learning credits need to be purchased. Additionally, discounts are available when purchasing credits at volume.

Benefits of Prepaid Learning Credits

  • Extend your annual learning and development budget
  • Flexible scheduling for up to a year from the date of purchase
  • Access to private team training, public enrollment sessions for individual needs, or a combination of both
  • Personalized support from our Learning Advisors
  • Volume discounts for bulk purchases

Take action now and invest in your team’s growth and development with Prepaid Learning Credits from Cprime.

Terms and Conditions: Some course exclusions apply. Additional promotions or coupons cannot be used on top of prepaid learning credits. Credits have a one year expiration term. Prepaid learning credits are non-refundable, and transferable within Cprime.

Don’t let another year go by with unused funds and missed opportunities! Get started today.