Prepaid Learning Credits

Prepaid Learning Credits from Cprime’s training and certification division offer your team a way to purchase volume training at a discounted rate. When purchased upfront, learning credits are flexible and can be applied to almost any Cprime Learning course. You can use credits towards private courses, individual registration for Cprime public enrollment sessions, or a combination of both. You do not need to determine which courses you want to take at the time of purchase. We can even help you find the courses that best suit your needs and estimate how many learning credits your team may need to purchase.

Save Time and Money with Cprime’s Learning Credits.


What you get:

  • Training at a deeply discounted rate: Dependent on the amount of training you purchase. Train more, save more!
  • Ample delivery options: Public classroom, public live online, eLearning, and private live online.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Manages your training plan, registers team members, and provides on-demand package completion updates
  • Monthly Reports: provide insight into your training planning, including a balance reminder to ensure you use your learning credits before the one-year expiration date.

The Prepaid Learning Credits enable your team to maximize the training it receives while minimizing the training dollars you spend. Check out our Prepaid Learning Credits Information Sheet for more details!

Learning Credit Discount Tiers

Number of Credits    Discount
50-200 Credits        0%
201 to 500 Credits        10%
501 to 1000 Credits        15%
Over 1001 Credits        20%


**Double discounting is not allowed (cannot use a public discount code with learning credits)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Minimum purchase amount of 60 Learning Credits
  • One-year credit expiration term – no exceptions
  • Learning credits are non-refundable, transferrable within company
  • Read full terms and conditions

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