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Software Proof of Concept (POC)

Want to test the viability of your software solution before investing in a full-scale build? You’d better.


Mitigate risk before launching development, and save time and money by employing a POC to validate product features, architecture, or technical approach

Before investing in developing a software solution, it only makes sense to make sure you cover your business and technological bases and ensure that you’re building the right thing at the right time for the right reasons:

Business Aspects

The chosen market niche, user expectations, economic feasibility, and competitive landscape

Technological Factors

The technical implementation, scalability, performance, security, and feasibility of investments in development

New Features

Even when working with a mature solution, each new or improved feature should be validated for feasibility and value

Investigate the risks and build products that work

Don’t waste time and money, ignore the competition, and face risks you could have avoided. Start with these vital steps:


Analyze your competitive landscape to discover market opportunities and capacity, the challenges your users face, and the features they crave. Study the existing solutions to the problem and validate whether your approach is cost-effective and more robust.

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Software or Hardware Prototype

The POC is a fast and simple way to test a software solution, business idea, product feature, technological architecture, or cloud infrastructure before going into full-scale development. The POC can spotlight potential technical and business risks, clarify the solution further, and allow an organization to analyze if the solution is technically realistic and if it will create the intended business value.

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Feature Roadmap Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

If the POC proves the solution is viable, the roadmap prioritizes feature development to accelerate time to value and delight users.

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Partner with a custom development leader and veteran of over 650 POCs

Our core development team has delivered over 650+ products for companies across the globe, leveraging more than 60 programming languages and 30 frameworks covering frontend, backend, mobile native and hybrid development, and embedded and IoT solutions. None of them started without the POC.

Contact Cprime today and get your custom application development project off the ground with an optimized POC and software prototype.

Proven feasibility of the concept with an implementation plan

Defined list of evaluated business and tech risks and ways to mitigate them

Estimation of the resources and tools that are needed to make the idea work

Fast market feedback to increase development agility

Validate your ideas with us