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Managed Services

Expert application management with dedicated support & hosting solutions


Are you looking for solutions to these common IT service challenges?

  • Lack of in-house Atlassian experience and/or expertise
  • Backlog build-up with limited resources to mitigate
  • Need for 24/7/365 emergency support coverage
  • Currently lack a dedicated Atlassian expert to manage user requests
  • Management of infrastructure and apps is too time-consuming

In 2023, we experienced an 80% reduction for ticket completion. Having a dedicated Atlassian tool administrator reduced the issue backlog from 80 to 0 in just a couple months and kept it that way going forward.

-Cprime Dedicated Administrator Client

Benefits of Managed Services

Managed Services provides infrastructure, IT solutions, and tool support for organizations’ web development, mobile development and embedded development.

Available for both on-premise infrastructure and private cloud, partnering with Cprime Managed Services will reduce your team’s in-house workload and overhead, increase efficiency, improve uptime, and fill gaps in tech roles with the professional skills of our engineers and administrators.


Add experts to your team without the overhead costs of hiring.


Free-up time for your staff by offloading daily monitoring and repetitive tasks.

Enhance Security

Feel confident you’re covered in the event of an outage or security issue.

Increase Value

Collaborate and bounce ideas between you and a third party stakeholder (Cprime!)

Infrastructure Management

Let Cprime manage the cloud infrastructure that hosts your Atlassian tools.

Managed Services

Dedicated Admin

A dedicated expert who collaborates with your team and expands your technical skillset.

Let us Help

On-Call Support

Year round, 24/7 support coverage and scheduled maintenance.

Here for You


Maintaining, monitoring, and tuning your infrastructure and applications.

Delegate Management

Choose any one, two, or three services to fit your business needs

Dedicated Admin

  • Adds a Dedicated Atlassian expert to your team
  • Reduced context switching for your team
  • Works off of agreed-upon prioritized backlog
  • Augments and integrates into your current team
  • Admin works within your systems
  • Available for 1⁄4, 1⁄2, or full time (10, 20, or 40 hours a week)
  • Monthly subscription offers flexibility for changing workloads

On-Call Support

  • Supplement for your existing team that may not have the time or expertise to provide essential infrastructure support
  • Provides a trusted source to “bounce” ideas off of
  • 24/7/365 emergency coverage from a global
  • support team with access to Cprime consultants
  • Expert knowledge-base built upon years of experience
  • Collaborative technical approach with you and our Cprime team of experts to solve complex problems


  • Procurement within days
  • Management of infrastructure apps
  • Continuous monitoring with ELK Stack
  • 24/7 infrastructure uptime support
  • Expert knowledge-base built upon over several years of experience
  • Guaranteed SLAs
  • Ensure infrastructure security is current and maintained

Full coverage from backend infrastructure, to app side backlog support, or anywhere in between.

Client Success

At Cprime, we understand that every organization is unique. Our team collaborates closely with our clients to ensure we understand their specific goals. Check out how we’ve helped clients with their managed services needs.

Customer Success Story

Watlow Migration: Atlassian Cloud to AWS Hosting

Due to significant growth in Atlassian usage, Watlow’s Atlassian Cloud-hosted instance ran up against storage and security limitations. With the help of Cprime’s AWS migration experts, Watlow moved to AWS to enjoy greater productivity, scalability, and security.

Combat overloaded employees and systems with Managed Services