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We're good on our own, but even better together.

Like any dynamic duo, we’re committed to growing mutually beneficial alliances to deliver more value across all of Cprime's Trainings, Products, and Services. To explore how we can work together, please fill out the form and we will be in touch.

Let's Join Forces

Enterprise Technology Partners

Together we implement, scale, and unite technology stacks from multiple facets of enterprise giants for the smooth exchange of information between various business processes, teams, and databases.

Amazon Web Services is the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. Cprime focuses on AWS ISV Migration, AWS DevOps, and AWS SecOps. With ISV Workload Migration Program, Cprime assesses customer IT resources, tailors a migration playbook, and optimizes cloud to minimize and complexity and costs for customers. With AWS DevOps services, we help monitor, control, and optimize the performance of client's cloud infrastructure. Our AWS SecOps services de-risk client's infrastructure with auto provisioning, security and compliance solutions in the cloud.

Atlassian develops products for software development, project management, and content management. Cprime is Atlassian Platinum Solution/Enterprise Partner + Atlassian Top Vendor, a Gold SAFe SPCT Partner and a well established DevOps solution provider. Our partnership provides scaled agile transformation services and products. Cprime also offer 30+ apps hosted on Atlassian's Marketplace that provide solutions in automation, customization, and integrations for the Atlassian technology stack.

Slack is the collaboration hub that brings the people, information, and tools together to connect teams, unify systems and drive business forward. Cprime is 1 of 3 organizations in North America that is an official Slack partner for Services and Solutions, with some of the first certified Slack Admins. Our enterprise collaboration solutions include integrations, configurations, training, and enablement to meet your teams' needs.

Carahsoft sells IT hardware, software and consulting services to federal, state and local governments, and educational institutions. Cprime partners with Carahsoft as instrumental in providing Public Sector / Government agencies software licenses, including Atlassian, which would otherwise be unattainable through traditional means.

Wrike provides a versatile and robust collaborative Work Management platform. Through our partnership with Wrike, Cprime marries its expertise with scaled agile and Wrike's robust platform to help marketers collaborate, communicate and conquer project teams.

Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software. It is the best way for product, IT, project, services, business, and marketing teams to capture ideas, prioritize requirements, set schedules, and track progress. More than 5,000 companies and 400,000 users use the cloud-based software to create strategic plans. Create visual roadmaps with Aha! to put your strategy to work.

Cprime excels in optimizing enterprise DevOps technology. We help teams execute better DevOps best practices, product agility, scaled agility, change management and more. We believe Gitlab is a core component of sustainable digital transformation that enables operational efficiency, faster delivery and better security.

Shifting to an outcome vs. output focus allows organizations to provide strategic clarity and direction across teams, functions, and business units to deliver mission-centric value. Cprime's enterprise planning expertise meets Gtmhub software to delivery a clear way to filter OKR's down through the organization.

Workato has been revolutionizing how integrations and workflows come together. Naturally, Workato and Cprime are a perfect fit across services, expertise, and our aligned mission goals for simplifying processes and teamwork. Together we are standardizing connectivity and visibility across the tool chain and enterprise roll-up.

Planview offers a full spectrum of Portfolio Management and Work Management solutions that focus on bringing together leading technologies spanning Agile and PPM, Planview’s solutions are designed to support the different styles of work that exist in a large organization, while providing line of sight across the entire organization.

Tasktop offers value stream management solutions, including an integration platform for developers using Jira, to provide organizations with end to end visibility of their software delivery. Cprime resells and delivers services for Tasktop.

Allstacks connects and informs strategy and execution across your organization with real-time, intelligent reporting and dashboards while Cprime partners with clients to interpret data and implement strategy.

Together with Cprime, ConnectALL Integrates, orchestrates and governs your value stream by capturing enterprise data for the metrics to make better business decisions

Productboard helps product managers understand what customers need, prioritize what to build next, and rally everyone around the roadmap, while Cprime delivers product agility.

Apptio helps connect technology investments to business outcomes. We empower teams with agility and insights to deliver technology that create more business value.

Datadog, together with Cprime bring to live modern monitoring & security for any stack, any app, at any scale, anywhere.

The Elastic Stack helps keep a pulse on how systems perform in a proactive way.

Atlassian Marketplace Partners

With our fellow software partners, we combine our complementary solutions for integration, automation, customization, governance, and more to be used across the Atlassian stack.

Appfire offers Atlassian apps that solve big challenges from workflow & atuomation, to Agile functionality, ITSM and beyond.

ALM Works is a development company that focuses on application lifecycle management software tools that complement a variety of Cprime's Atlassian Marketplace apps. Cprime is the official trainer for ALM Works.

BigPicture is web-based software available for Atlassian Jira and focuses on visual representation and aggregation of Jira tasks. Cprime is a certified training entity for BigPicture and we work together to sell our joint solutions that resolve cross team dependencies and scaling agile.

Botron Software is a global software company that provides ALM tools to help software and IT teams innovate smarter and efficiently deliver quality products and provide solutions for Atlassian stack. As migration partners, Cprime sells and implements migration tools and services for Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and other applications.

Easy Agile is a provider of apps to enhance Atlassian suite of products. Easy Agile and Cprime together sell solutions that automate and transform teams' flat backlogs to visualize the customer's journey.

Comalatech is a developer of innovative and powerful collaboration tools, developing apps for both Atlassian Jira and Confluence. .Through Cprime's add-on solutions, our partnership with Comalatech provides smooth implementation of compliance and governance with the Atlassian technology stack that significantly reduces overhead and friction.

Lucidchart is a web-based proprietary platform that is used to allow users to collaborate on drawing, revising and sharing charts and diagrams. As service partners, Cprime resells and implements LucidChart's diagram tools for project visualizations.

Riada-Mindville provide Atlassian and agile services. In partnership, Cprime offers apps in the Atlassian Marketplace to promote further automation in asset management for Jira and Jira Service Desk.

Tempo offers time tracking, budgeting, and resource planning products. At Cprime, we use the suite of Tempo products to manage our business, and have built complementary solutions with Tempo with our apps in the Atlassian Marketplace to further customization and automation.

Methodology Partners

Together, we are empowering teams with the Agile methodologies and skills to adapt quickly, create tight feedback loops, and promote experimentation and innovation.

Scaled Agile, Inc., provides our SAFe® courses accreditation, and is one of the most widely implemented scaled Agile frameworks. The SAFe® framework teaches alignment, collaboration and delivery in the enterprise, and enables successful scaling to large numbers of practitioners and teams.

International Consortium for Agile (IC Agile) is an accreditation and certification organization. Through Cprime's recent acquisition of ASPE, we now offer courses accredited by ICAgile, which offers a complete Agile certification portfolio that is framework neutral (e.g., XP, Kanban, etc.).

Egress provides custom Product Management consulting services and resells Cprime's product management training content as well as implement tools for their customers.

Scrum Alliance is a nonprofit association that has certified more than 750,000 practitioners on Scrum methodology worldwide. Cprime has partnered with Scrum Alliance for 10+ years to teach all aspects of agile, including awareness and understanding of methodology, support, and implementation of iterative improvement in software development teams.

Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) bring their own style and experiences with a consistent delivery of training around the world, so you know each course taught is aligned with Scrum, and all of your teammates are learning from the same message. Cprime offers a growing catalog of training.

Ideal for those practicing project, program or portfolio management, Cprime Learning offers a wide variety of PMI certification courses and solutions to align your skills to today’s Project Economy. Cprime is a corporate sponsor of PMI chapters and provides speakers, conference management, and marketing assistance across the globe.

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) is a non-profit professional association serving the growing field of business analysis. For 15+ years, Cprime Learning offers courses, certifications, and solutions that align with Business Analysts to grow their skillset. Cprime is a corporate sponsor of IIBA chapters and provides speakers, conference management, and marketing assistance for events across the globe.

Technology Partners

We support in referring and reselling each others' solutions, products, and services that ultimately increase the value delivered to each others' clients.

Cloudbees enables companies to automate their software delivery with a layer of visibility and governance all built on DevOps and CI/CD best practices. Together with CloudBees, Cprime provides solutions that enable IT organizations to respond rapidly to the software delivery needs of the business.

Docker is a set of platform as a service products that use OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called containers. Docker is the world’s leading service for finding and sharing container images in Github. Cprime has deep technical expertise in Docker and is a reseller of their technical solutions.

Mural provides a digital workspace for visual and agile collaboration. Cprime resells and provides implementation services to our customers.

Nextup is a cloud-based SaaS company that offers a bot that provides connectivity between Slack and Atlassian Jira. As Slack service partners, NextUp and Cprime implement Jira Service Desk and Jira integration tools in Slack and Atlassian.

PagerDuty offers on-call management, incident response, integrated business response, etc. while providing real-time visibility. Cprime partners with PagerDuty to implement their IT monitoring tools for full-stack visibility.

Tricentis is an enterprise testing and automation platform. Through our partnership, Cprime resells their quality tests to help teams accelerate their software

Split offers a better solutions or feature flags, experimentation and continuous delivery. Together, with Cprime DevOps solutions, we offer a clear path to streamlined development workflows.

Decadis AG provides a broad range of professional services pertaining to all aspects of Atlassian products. From licensing to custom plugin development, Decadis AG is dedicated to finding and providing the best possible solutions in order to meet customer requirements.