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GitLab: a complete devops platform

With Gitlab, Cprime accelerates the Software Delivery Process to Meet Business Objectives

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70% of Digital Transformation FAILS. GitLab and Cprime have joined forces to enable digital transformation success against the odds.

Together, Cprime and GitLab accelerate the software delivery process to meet organizational business objectives. Here’s what you can expect from successful digital transformation with Cprime and Gitlab:

Increase Operational Efficiencies

One consistent view and collaboration space for Dev, Ops, and Security teams Public cloud independent, deploy anywhere, SaaS and/or self-managed

Deliver Better Products Faster

Ability to work in parallel, get feedback and not have to wait on other teams Automate testing, security, deployments to minimize manual intervention Assess and resolve security, compliance, and code quality issues at the point of code change

Reduce Security/ Compliance Risk

Decrease security exposure, cleaner and easier audits, reduce disruptions


Bring together planning and development to keep visibility high and complexity low. A single software development pipeline is possible with GitLab and Jira.


All you need, on-demand Meet the needs of business with flexibility, scale, stability and security on cloud and leave the maintenance to us.


Let your teams focus on real business value. Our comprehensive suite of proprietary tools and scripts allows us to perform migrations and upgrades cleanly and efficiently, with minimum disruption or downtime to clients' environments.


Enable teams on the GitLab platform for maximum adoption and increased operational efficiency

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