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Case Study

DevOps Learning Journey for Fortune 200 Fast Food Company

15%Decrease in change failure rate

Company Details

Industry: Fast Food

Company Size: Fortune 200

Cprime Services:

Executive Summary

A Fortune 200 Fast Food Company was developing a new Learning Journey and identified Cprime as the optimal partner to make this happen. After developing a deploying a suite of DevOps learning courses, the company saw a 15% decrease in change failure rate along with improved productivity across the board.

The Challenge

A Fortune 200 Fast Food Company was developing a new Learning Journey centered on DevOps, the IT methodology that increases business value by improving collaboration and communication between development teams and operations teams. To ensure the success of the DevOps Learning Journey, the Fortune 200 Fast Food Company looked outside of their organization to find a training partner they could trust to deliver high-quality DevOps training courses.

The project manager of the DevOps Learning Journey, an internal DevOps Evangelist, found Cprime Learning’s DevOps and IT services. She was impressed by the robust DevOps curriculum, which included training courses on topics including Containerization, Configuration Management and Continuous Integration (CI)/ Continuous Delivery (CD) tools. After a series of phone meetings with Cprime Learning’s DevOps experts, the Fortune 200 Fast Food Company made the decision to partner with Cprime Learning as the exclusive training provider for their DevOps Learning Journey

The Solution

Since having an Agile mindset and being services oriented are core principles at the Fortune 200 Fast Food Company, it was only natural they chose the DevOps Implementation Boot Camp as their flagship training course. Cprime Learning worked with the client’s IT leadership to customize the course content to fit their specific needs by sending managers and team leaders to a pilot session of the DevOps Boot Camp so they could provide feedback on what topics needed to be added and taken out. Cprime Learning took the feedback from the managers and worked with one of Cprime Learning’s top DevOps course developers and instructors, Alan Koch, to fully customize the DevOps Implementation Boot Camp to the client’s specifications.

After a student attends the DevOps Implementation Boot Camp, an elective course is scheduled three to four weeks later. These elective courses are hand-picked by the DevOps Evangelist and her team. Much like the DevOps Implementation Boot Camp, each elective course is customized to fit the client’s unique situation and project scenarios. The first two electives of the DevOps Learning Journey were the Introduction to Kubernetes and Continuously Delivery Workshop courses.

The Results

The DevOps Learning Journey has been tremendously successful. Management and students alike are extremely pleased with the training provided by Cprime Learning. Students have Improved their productivity and development pipelines through the use of containerization tools like Docker and Kubernetes. By automating their processes, the change failure rate has decreased by approximately 15%, and development teams have more time to focus on developing new features. The Fortune 200 Fast Food Company plans to send more than 200 employees through the DevOps Learning Journey by the end of year one, with the goal of all 1500 members of their IT staff going through the training program.

  • 15% decrease in change failure rate
  • Improved productivity and development pipeline through the use of containerization tools like Docker and Kubernetes
  • Increased time spent on developing new features due to automating processes that were done manually prior to training

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