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Cprime Learning Pathways

Elevate teams’ skills to drive business growth with an innovative blend of learner-led, instructor-led, and on-the-job application.

“Employees are leaving their current employers for better professional development opportunities (45%) at similar rates as they leave for higher compensation (48%).” – Gartner


Are you looking to get more from your learning program including:

  • Flexible scheduling and multimodal learning?
  • The ability to assess skills gaps and set a baseline?
  • A focus on skill application over theoretical concepts?
  • Both certificate and non-certificate training?
  • Progressive training from basic to advanced?

Traditional training programs often have low skills retention rates due to a rigid learning format that fails to meet the needs of modern learners. Cprime Learning Pathways are the perfect solution for companies looking for the ease of an off-the-shelf training program but with the effectiveness of a tailored solution, and the power of practical application.

Each pathway is split into 3 levels:

Within each level, the learner is taken through three phases of learning:

Discover: A suite of learner-led, self-paced digital content encompassing articles, videos, and self-paced eLearning modules to discover the essentials of the skillset.

Practice: Instructor-led, classroom-based courses delivered face-to-face or live online. Classes are highly collaborative creating an optimized space for practicing new skills.

Apply: Work-based assignments reinforcing the application of new skills in the workplace.

Bonus – Toolkit: Additional recommended resources for each phase.

Invest in a Transformative Learning Experience

Traditional training often takes valuable employees away from the office and off their work for 3-4 days. With that much of a time investment, you shouldn’t just be buying training, you should be investing in a transformative learning experience that will elevate your teams’ skills and drive business growth.  With Cprime Learning Pathways, you’re investing in something that is: 


Customize your learning pathway to your business goals or develop multiple pathways to accommodate different teams and skill levels.


Improve learning outcomes with a variety of learning modalities, including interactive and multimedia resources, instructor-led classes, and on-the-job activities.


Track progress and measure learning outcomes as individuals and teams progress through their pathway.


Roll out to one employee or one thousand employees without class size limits, for far less cost. 

Cprime understands that your organization is unique. Our team collaborates closely with our clients to ensure we understand their specific needs and goals. Check out a few of the clients we’ve helped with custom Learning Pathways:

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Custom Learning Pathway

Don’t just meet your goals, exceed them.

Customize Your Teams’ Learning Pathway Now

Chart Your Learning Pathway

A team of experts will personalize the next level of a student’s pathway to maximize their learning potential and achieve success.