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Ways To Learn

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In-Person Individual Training

Our training courses prepare you for real-world issues, and the speed needed to address rapid market changes by incorporating real workplace scenarios, labs, and exercises. We have an expansive course catalog of over 300 courses covering Agile, Product Development, Project Delivery, IT and Operations Management, Software Engineering, and Leadership. You will receive hands-on experience applicable to your current job needs and prepare you for future critical needs.

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Live Online Individual Training

Live Online Courses are instructor-led, but you get the convenience and safety to join virtually in the comfort of your own home. Get all the benefits of a classroom learning experience without any of the travel! With recent changes, the Scrum Alliance and Scaled Agile, Inc. certification bodies now allow certification training in a virtual format. See our expanded schedule of live online training.

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Team Training

Private, onsite, team training brings our experts to you — on your schedule, at your location. Every single course in our catalog is available in a team training experience. This option allows us to tailor classes directly to your unique team learning needs, resolving your specific learning issues immediately. But what also makes this a win-win is that the cost per student is also significantly less than each student attending separate individual public courses.

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Online Team Training

Get all the impact and alignment of onsite team training with the convenience and safety of remote learning. With learning targeted to your unique team environment, we can resolve your specific issues and meet your particular needs. Similarly, to a private, onsite training option, the student’s cost is significantly less than each student attending separate individual public courses.

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Online On-Demand Training

Self-Paced Online Courses are available with your busy schedule in mind to better provide a mode to learn at your own pace. The course materials and learning objectives are the same as our other training. But the focus is to provide a learning experience you are most comfortable with. Access the training when you have time and re-visit the training as much as you would like if you need to brush up on something. Follow along with a carefully prepared lesson plan at your own rate and complete it in your own time frame.

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Training Bundles

Whether you are new to your field and learning your new role, or you are looking to strengthen your core skills within your organization, Bundled Learning from Cprime provides the perfect combination of courses to jumpstart your path to success or even stand-up a new team or group. A Training Bundle is a set of courses we have bundled together that provides a core foundation for a particular skill set or skill level. Take a look and reach out to us if a Training Bundle is a right fit for you.

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