DevOps Courses

Cprime Learning offers a variety of training options critical to cross-functional teams, as well as ongoing support for leaders and managers. Our DevOps training equips your enterprise to rise to the challenge of today’s IT needs with a transformational blend of collaboration, automation, cultural tools, and direct implementation. These training courses give you the how-to knowledge needed to effectively plan and execute best practices with the tools and skills that make true continuous operations possible in today’s enterprise organizations. 


Your organization’s systems underpin and enable all the other technologies within your organization. Whether your organization is making a commitment to microservices, or simply needing to update legacy systems for security and speed, our expert-led courses and workshops below are here to help you do it. 

Configuration Management

With configuration management, you can manage infrastructure deployments through the design, implementation, testing, building, release, and maintenance phases. Designed by experienced DevOps practitioners, our courses will teach you how to build reliable and easily reproducible infrastructure with hands-on lab exercises.


Container technology is a cornerstone of any DevOps practice as it unlocks a level of collaboration that was not possible in the past. Our training courses will teach you and your development teams to how to orchestrate and manage containers and the services they support.

Culture & Adoption

If your organization does not have the right mindset or culture to foster DevOps, you will not succeed. The focus areas below provide expert guidance on widespread adoption and the shared cultural understanding that is critical for successful DevOps implementation.

Logging & Data Management

Monitoring cloud platforms, applications, and components, as well as processing and analyzing logs, is critical for ensuring high availability, top performance, low latency, and more. Learn how to get the most out of your logging tools in our expert-led training courses.