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Simplifying and Unifying work with Workato

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Creating a seamless stream of work and communication across company departments can be daunting, expensive, and time-consuming. But it doesn't have to be.

With our partner, Workato, we are combining our tools and expertise to simplify communication with automating workflows and shedding visibility into gaps in the processes, thus enabling you to provide high quality deliverables to your customers. You can expect to:

Drive real-time outcomes

Modular, easy-to-build automation connectors to orchestrate actions across systems and people ie. integration, automation, ETL/ELT, APIM, and Bots.

Unify enterprise integration & automation in a single platform

Centralize access to applications for ease in auditing, monitoring, and updating. Plus, reduces the load on systems.Security and privacy model unified in one platform - easy to audit, monitor, and update. Centralized access to applications and their data reduces load on systems. Combine multiple actions with different behind the scenes plumbing in one automation.

Keep your systems reliable, private, & secure

Architected for security, scalability, performance, and governance wiith built-in system-wide audit, fault tolerance, lifecycle management, and error handling.

Some popular integration tools include:

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