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Give Products Their Own Home with Productboard

...because product strategy is critical to getting to market faster

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Project to Product

Why Product Matters.

Cprime and Productboard helps Product Managers build strategic product roadmaps for improved product strategy that focuses on the customer.

Get the right thing to Market

Cprime partners with clients to ensure they are pursuing the right product vision, while Productboard enables them to make sure that the right ideas are prioritized to the roadmap and built.

Flexibility to Adapt

We believe in building in the ability to pivot, especially in Product Roadmaps. Flexibility is both a key to Cprime's product strategy and Productboard's roadmap tool.

Customer centered strategy

Cprime's product strategy puts customers at the core. To facilitate this, Productboard consolidates customer feedback from several sources to anchor roadmaps.

Productboard + Jira Integration

Configuration and support with implementation of Atlassian best practices, products and applications, automations and process alignment to refine integration, and functional admin services for maintenance and ongoing support

Productboard Implementation

Configuration, integration, and roll out of the Productboard platform in accordance with your product strategy and execution.

Strategic Roadmapping Workshop w/ ProductBoard

Understand product strategy and customer needs, visualize opportunities, and map them to a timeline.

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