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The Top 5 Challenges Product Faces With Jira

The Top 5 Challenges Product Faces With Jira

See how Product and Engineering teams are solving the “What, Why, & How” by using Productboard and Jira.

Productboard expert Alon Bartur along with special guest, Erica Jenkins – VP of Product Management at Meltwater, join Cprime Product Coaches Duane Kenney and Dylan D’Erminio as they talk through the top challenges Product faces, the benefits of using a dedicated product management platform, and how that helps drive better outcomes for engineering teams working out of Jira.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to address the “Why” to ensure you build the right products
  • How to plan and prioritize within your product management platform so that Jira doesn’t become cluttered with work items not ready for action
  • How Productboard and Jira work together to have everyone focused on the right tasks, while also keeping each team and system in sync

More resources: Cprime’s Strategic Roadmapping Workshop, and a free Productboard trial.

Panelists: Duane Kenney 
Strategic Product Coach, Cprime
Dylan D’Erminio 
Product Management, Cprime
Alon Bartur
Senior Director Product Management, Productboard
Erica Jenkins
VP of Product Management, Meltwater


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