A digital workspace for Agile collaboaration

As close to "in-person" as possible for a new, improved way to work hybrid

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Cprime + MURAL brings Agile to life in a hybrid work environment

In this highly distributed world of working, Cprime and MURAL enable teams to collaborate in real-time on Agile ceremonies and meetings as close to “in-person” as possible for a new, improved way to work hybrid. Cprime resells, provides implementation services, integration service to our customers and utilizes MURAL to deliver on many client consulting engagements, trainings, and workshops.

Suite of Integrations

Slack, MS Teams, Google, JIRA, Dropbox, GitHub, OneDrive, and more

Facilitation superpowers

Run remote meetings with voting, timer, summon, follow, frameworks, and more

Collaborate in a single workspace

Unlimited rooms and MURALS for members

Cprime + MURAL Solutions

MURAL + Jira

Integrating MURAL + Jira brings together ideation, planning and execution into a streamlined workflow. As Atlassian experts, Cprime helps bring the most out of Mural and Jira

MURAL Implementation

Get started with MURAL with help from our Agile and Product Agility experts who can help you through key ceremonies and workshops for successful tool adoption

Dojo Virtual Tour – Enhanced Learning for Successful Transformation

Dojo Virtual Tour – Enhanced Learning for Successful Transformation

The Dojo model provides an immersive learning experience that can help teams internalize training, improve skills and create new productive habits. Using this model, companies around the world are building creative spaces where teams experience first-hand the benefits of Agile,...


Virtual PI Planning in 4 Days

Have you suddenly found yourself in a 100% remote organization? Not to fear, Cprime has forged a fool-proof virtual strategy...

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The Remote Scrum Master: Meeting Flow for Virtual Teams

This video provides a quick run down of how to successfully fulfill the role of Scrum Master when working with...

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Remote Working in a SAFe Environment: Collaborative Online Meetings and Fully Distributed PI Planning

While both the Agile Manifesto and SAFe highlight the benefits of face-to-face communication, it has often been the case that...

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