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Learn more about Atlassian software and management of your Atlassian tool stack, including Jira, Jira Align, Confluence, and more.

Jira Compliance, Part 1: Approvals and Segregation of Duties

When configuring an enterprise application ecosystem, compliance has to be considered. State, federal, and international regulations will inevitably intersect with nearly every business at some point. And the results of non-compliance can be costly and...

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Three Challenges in the Way of Enterprise Agility

The market is now demanding that companies prioritize agility and the ability to quickly adapt to change. It’s no longer a “nice-to-have”, it’s imperative. And this goes well beyond supporting and growing agile software development...

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Leveraging Data Security in Jira Using Logical Separation

Our previous blog discussed the benefits of implementing a logical separation to protect data in Jira and Confluence, and factors you should consider before doing so. Here, we will cover some of the architectural and...

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Jira Security Best Practices—What is Logical Separation?

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, protecting your sensitive data is always a concern. How do you allow your teams to work together without exposing your sensitive data, especially to those...

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Leverage the Flexibility of Atlassian Small Business Cloud Services

As a small but growing business, you have ample reasons for considering Atlassian cloud solutions to help manage and optimize your work. One of the chief reasons is the incredible flexibility the cloud ecosystem has...

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Prepare to Scale Your Business in the Cloud with Atlassian

The Atlassian Cloud ecosystem offers significant advantages for growing businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re using server or data center Atlassian products, or using Rally, VersionOne, or, you should consider Atlassian Cloud. Reasons to...

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How the New Jira Align Funding Features Support Enterprise Agility

ATTENTION VPs of Finance, Portfolio Managers, and executives. Whether you’re currently using Jira Align or you’ve been considering the four-time leader for enterprise agile planning tools, you’ll want to learn more about the tool’s exciting...

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Jira Tutorial: How to Integrate Aha! Roadmaps

Alignment between your product strategy and development backlog is critical for building successful products. When teams understand your goals and the “why” behind what they’re doing, they can focus on delivering the most customer and...

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Blog: Optimizing Shared Services Using Jira Align

As agile organizations organically grow and evolve, certain issues always arise. Routine cross-team dependency based around a particular skillset or tool is an example that is bound to occur. At a larger scale, these dependencies...

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Blog: The Importance of the Migration Impact Analysis for Cloud Migrations

Migration of Atlassian applications from on-premise solutions to the cloud is a complex, potentially tricky process, especially for large organizations with hundreds or thousands of users. But, even for smaller companies, the process contains many...

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Product Roadmapping with Atlassian Jira Align

What is a Product Roadmap? A Product Roadmap is a plan of action for how a product or solution will evolve. Product teams must be successful. Product Roadmapping is like storytelling: mapping out the vision...

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Blog: Atlassian Cloud Security and Compliance

Atlassian Cloud offers a robust suite of features—backed by stringent internal protocols—to help keep your data secure as you move your Atlassian tech stack to the cloud. As noted in the previous article in this...

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