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Security Governance & Posture

Learn more about security governance and posture, including topics like DevSecOps, key security principles, and security information and event management.

eBPF: Modern Security for Modern Environments

Nowadays, we usually build software in containers. And if you don\'t want to lag behind with your cybersecurity, you need to adapt to the way containers work. The traditional IP:PORT: PROTO-based approach is inefficient when...

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DevSecOps and Continuous Security

After many years of shifting to DevOps, we see nowadays a rising trend of DevSecOps . This is mainly for two reasons. First, there are far more security threats these days. Second, there are many...

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Introduction to Application Security: The What, Why, and How

In this digital age, we\'re surrounded by applications. From services to products, from basic needs to entertainment and luxury, we directly or indirectly depend on applications. And this high dependency has made applications a highly...

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Types of Application Security

In an earlier post, we discussed what application security is and why it\'s important. That was covering the basics. So, what next? Once you know the importance of application security, you should of course work...

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4 Common Pitfalls of DevSecOps and How to Overcome Them

Today we\'ll cover some of the most common pitfalls in DevSecOps. By recognizing these issues and moving quickly to avoid or correct them, you can save yourself time, money, effort, and heartache. First, let\'s spend...

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Hidden Benefits of the Cloud for Government Agencies

When we look at what cloud computing offers any organization, there are some universal benefits. We all know that the cloud provides flexibility, elasticity, and cost savings. It removes the need to make big expensive...

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Top Tips for Government Agencies to be Cloud Ready

Government agencies have been floating the idea of moving from data centers to cloud based solutions for well over a decade. From the 2010 “Cloud First” policy to the 2017 “Cloud Smart” strategy –...

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How to Implement a DevSecOps Pipeline

Security is a major concern in software development, but often isn\'t treated with the same priority as other concerns. By adopting a DevSecOps pipeline, companies can rectify this problem and bring security into the forefront...

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Beyond the Buzzword: DevSecOps Is Here to Stay

DevOps  has paid off for many organizations. The DevOps movement is focused on delivering high-quality software as quickly as possible by helping organizations become more agile. They can reduce time to market and gain a competitive edge as they can...

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Security by Design: 7 Application Security Principles You Need to Know

The explosion of high-quality application development frameworks has been a boon to the world’s software. It’s easier than ever to put together an application and start delivering value for customers, who can come from anywhere...

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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) with Splunk

Security and data privacy have been always important, but given the significant breaches that have taken place over the last two years, they\'re growing increasingly more important with each passing day. If you\'ve decided to...

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DevSecOps 101

Everyone at some time or another has received an email from a service saying their password has been reset because data was compromised. Security has always been a big topic in IT, and it’s sad...

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