Agile Artifacts and Ceremonies

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Agile Ceremonies

Learn more about agile ceremonies that are key in the agile software delivery process, such as Sprint Planning, PI Planning, and more.

5 Things You Should Never Say (or Do) During Sprint Reviews

The Sprint Review seems like one of the simplest Scrum events to execute, yet many teams tend to miss this key opportunity to inspect the progress of work. From my experience working with a variety...

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5 Things You Should Never Say (or Do) During Sprint Retrospective

From my experience working with new Scrum teams over the past few years, it has become apparent that the Retrospective is THE single most difficult Scrum event for most teams. Even experienced teams have a...

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3 Warning Signs That Your Sprint Review Is Failing, and 3 Ideas to Fix It

Your Scrum team has been working together for several weeks now. They seem to be embracing change well, but you sense that there are still many opportunities for improvement. When you show up at the...

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3 Warning Signs That Your Sprint Planning Is Failing, and 3 Ideas to Fix It

If your Scrum team is struggling to consistently meet it’s Sprint Goals, there could be a number of potential causes for this symptom. One of the common issues is poor planning, but how do you...

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Root Cause Analysis – The Missing Ingredient in Your Agile Team

Recently, one of the teams that I began to work with was struggling to deliver a working product in a consistent manner. The Scrum Master had consulted me on a number of occasions in effort...

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SAFe® In a Nutshell – PI Execution

In our last installment, we covered how to prepare for a PI Planning event and the roles involved, including those of the technical authority, content authority, and execution authority. In this installment, we’ll describe PI...

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Remote PI Planning With Jira Align

The global pandemic has already impacted three different Program Increments for most agile development organizations. How have your teams risen to the challenge of running these large scale planning sessions, such as remote PI Planning,...

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Virtual Sprint Planning – 3 Tips to Get You Started Today!

As more workers across the globe are becoming “virtual” workers, many of us never physically meet our teammates. While this can make financial sense for our employers, it also creates challenges in building team rapport...

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Virtual Sprint Retrospective – 3 Tips to Get You Started Today!

So, your Scrum team is now virtual, possibly not by choice. Does this mean that you won’t be able to maintain the discipline that you have spent so much time and effort to instill upon your team?...

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Conducting Remote Program Increment (PI) Planning: 4 Critical Steps for Release Train Engineers

We all have a checklist we use to prepare for a virtual Program Increment (PI) Planning. It may include activities such as setting up the tool, setting up a virtual meeting, holding timebox and taking...

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Implementing Personas in an Agile World – Tips For Better Story Telling

When working with organizations with a legacy of writing formalized requirements but moving to agile development, one of the first items to approach is the use of user stories as a way of articulating the...

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