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Microsoft Tools & Platforms

Learn more about Microsoft tools and platforms including Microsoft Office 365, Sharepoint, and more.

Data & Analytics

Choosing the Best Data Visualization Tool for Your Teams

You have the data. Now you need to turn it into information. Perhaps you are thinking of exploring beyond what…


How to Use Azure DevOps to Scale Your Agile Practice

You may have heard Azure DevOps and agile used in the same sentence more than once before now. Even better,…

Microsoft Tools & Platforms

Microsoft Power Platform – Deciphering the Confusion

Microsoft is always evolving by providing more and better tools that give the end user the power to ideate, envision,…

Microsoft Tools & Platforms

Project Management in Microsoft 365: Navigating All the Options

Microsoft 365 comes with many different options for managing projects and tasks associated with projects. But with so many different…

Microsoft Tools & Platforms

Using the New Microsoft Lists App

This week I wanted to share a new app that makes Microsoft 365 even more valuable. The solutions and tools…

Microsoft Tools & Platforms

Top 5 Office 365 Apps that make the choice to Migrate to Microsoft 365 Clear

If you reached this blog post through an internet search, you are one of many that may be wondering what…

Business Analysis

In Pursuit of a More Perfect Knowledge Base

In my junior BA days, I worked at a financial services company, where I collected obscure details during requirements elicitation like a…

Microsoft Tools & Platforms

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a collection of apps and services provided to users via the cloud.  Many people are familiar with…

Microsoft Tools & Platforms

How to use Office 365 Planner

Task lists are a great way to organize work in SharePoint.  You may have noticed that there is no task…

Microsoft Tools & Platforms

Why I Hate SharePoint – Part 1

SharePoint is not inherent! It's confusing. In this first blog post in a series titled “Why I Hate SharePoint,” we…

Microsoft Tools & Platforms

How to Build a Message Box in SharePoint

This blog was originally posted on and can be accessed here. Read on to find out more in this SharePoint…

Microsoft Tools & Platforms

How to configure a Document Information Panel in SharePoint/Office 365

Before I dig deep into how to design and configure a document information panel, let’s take a look at the…