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Leveraging Data Security in Jira Using Logical Separation

Our previous blog discussed the benefits of implementing a logical separation to protect data in Jira and Confluence, and factors you should consider before doing so. Here, we will cover some of the architectural and...

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Jira Security Best Practices—What is Logical Separation?

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, protecting your sensitive data is always a concern. How do you allow your teams to work together without exposing your sensitive data, especially to those...

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Jira Tutorial: How to Integrate Aha! Roadmaps

Alignment between your product strategy and development backlog is critical for building successful products. When teams understand your goals and the “why” behind what they’re doing, they can focus on delivering the most customer and...

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Rally to Jira Data Migration: 2 Approaches

Rally to Jira Migration Series Part 3 There are several ways to migrate off of Rally to Jira, but the two most common data migration techniques are Data Sync or ETL. Data Sync A data...

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Top Rally to Jira Migration Considerations

Rally to Jira Migration Series Part 2 Many organizations are choosing to migrate from Rally software to Atlassian’s tech stack. BUT HOW? Getting started can be overwhelming. This is an important migration with potential for...

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Rally vs Jira

Rally to Jira Migration Series Part 1 While Rally Software is a widely used, powerful Agile project, program, and portfolio management tool, many users find that their unique Agile journey requires more flexibility than is...

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Introduction to Test Management With Xray for Jira

Jira wasn\'t originally designed for test management. However, in 2013, Xray debuted as a Jira add-on. Xray is currently one of the most popular Jira add-ons as more companies are beginning to invest in testing....

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Jira Cloud: Standard vs. Premium vs. Enterprise

What Do I Get With Each Jira Cloud option? As Atlassian Jira cloud offerings have grown, so have the options available to you. There are many aspects to consider so let\'s dive into what you...

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How to Successfully Scale Agile with Atlassian Cloud

As the originator of the first Scaling Agile solution in Jira (supporting SAFe 2.3® initially), Cprime is an expert in defining and refining the best way to configure Jira to support Scaling Agile and SAFe®...

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Jira for Business: Not Just IT – Applying Jira in a Business Context

While many think Atlassian Jira is a tool solely for technology teams, it is tremendously useful for the entire enterprise, including business teams. Whether you use the tool to manage the team’s day to day...

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The Benefits and Challenges of Migrating from Rally to Jira

Rally (formerly CA Agile Central) is a powerful project management software tool that offers an effective method for organizing and tracking iterative tasks and projects in an agile environment. However, many users find that their...

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Risk Management and Compliance: Shift Left for Operational Transformation (Part 2)

Part 2: Compliance - a New Approach Compliance is the process of making sure that the applicable laws, regulations, ethical practices, and internal policies are followed for the organization. Achieving compliance is an on-going organizational...

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