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4 Benefits of Microservices

You may have heard about things like containers, Kubernetes, and the cloud. All these modern technologies have become popular because of the concept of microservices. Nowadays, microservices architecture has become a standard way of building...

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Bridging the Gap Between Business Vision and Cloud Strategy

With today\'s low latency and increased bandwidth, moving your data from on-premise into the cloud makes sense. Many businesses are seeing the benefits of allowing someone else to handle the infrastructure, so they can focus...

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Microservices Tutorial: Everything to Know at a High Level

Microservice architecture is the new golden standard for building software. The overall idea is that instead of building your whole application as one single piece, you build it in multiple smaller pieces. This brings many...

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CircleCI Training: A Practical Approach To Workflow Automation

CircleCI is set to revolutionize the way companies approach continuous integration, testing, and deployment. This has been said about a lot of CI/CD platforms before. However, it has never been more true than with CircleCI....

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Cloud Strategy: Two Overlooked Challenges of SaaS Adoption

Welcome to your cloud strategy boot camp! Cloud computing is hot today, and for good reason. It offers a world where digital experiences wow customers in ways that haven’t been possible before. A successful journey...

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Why You Need to Move to the AWS Cloud

One of the primary reasons organizations consider the Cloud is the cost efficiency potential. AWS provides remarkable economies of scale, due to the fact that equipment purchases are not required. Payment is only necessary for...

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The 5 Steps of the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review Process

The AWS Well-Architected Framework Review process occurs in 5 different steps: preparation, review meeting, read-out, quick wins, and follow-up review. Below, we go into detail about what each step entails. Step 1: Preparation The key...

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What is AWS Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR)?

The AWS Well-Architected Framework Review, often called the \"AWS WAFR\", is a key factor in having a successful AWS Well-Architected Framework. The review helps Product Management, Developers, Operations staff, and anyone with a cost interest to evaluate...

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Building Your First CI/CD Pipeline on AWS

AWS CodeDeploy deploys your applications, lambda functions, and static files to AWS computing services. A continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline has four major components, and each of these components can be switched out for different...

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