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Agile Strategy

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Agile Strategy

Learn more about what is agile strategy, with topics on strategic planning, scaling agile across the enterprise, and more.

Is It Possible to “Be Agile” without “Doing Agile”?

Recently, I was having a conversation with a prospective client who is exploring the possibility of implementing Agile practices for his organization. He asked an interesting question that I have encountered on a number of...

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Agile Training Strategy – 5 Keys to Success

For the better part of my career, I have been both a trainer and a student, which has allowed me to gain interesting insights from both perspectives of a teacher and a learner. As technology...

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3 Ways Disciplined Agile Will Change Your Team Forever!

Recently, I have been studying Disciplined Agile (DA) quite a bit. Despite having implemented DAD (Disciplined Agile Delivery) over 10 years ago, I was intrigued by how this approach has evolved over this period of...

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Why You Should Strategically Plan on a Quarterly Basis

Webinar transcript - Watch the webinar: How to Thrive in a Fast-Paced Environment – The Art of Quarterly Strategic Planning Myriam - We\'re very happy to welcome you on this Friday to our Webinar to...

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Seeking Lasting Change? Look Beyond the Technical Practices

As a technical coach, I quite often get asked to up-skill and improve teams’ performance. Often the request takes the form of “please help them deliver faster.” Some of these teams manage legacy systems with...

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Solutions for Agile Governance in the Enterprise

Kevin Thompson, PhD, is a physicist-turned-software engineer. He holds his doctoral degree from Princeton University, spent several years doing astrophysics research at NASA Ames Research Center, then moved into the world of commercial software. He...

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First Netflix or Bust? “Product” made all the difference

I hesitated as my mouth hung open a bit. A senior leader in a development organization had just asked, “Why is product important?” Why product? We’d been discussing an evolution in thinking in our industry...

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Build. Learn. Utilize. Empower.

If you’re reading these lines, it’s safe to assume that like the vast majority of software development organizations you are familiar with the enormous benefits and potential of agile transformations. Countless companies across multiple verticals...

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Optimize Portfolio Performance with Blue Agility – Simple Agile Techniques and Jira – Part 1

Some organizations spend months or even years attempting to create a workable portfolio management solution – often with little success. So, how do organizations determine if their software portfolio is working? Can your portfolio answer...

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Stop Estimating #NoEstimates

There’s a movement that’s been growing the last few years. It’s brewing and it’s picking up some steam. Or at the very least some brave souls and organizations are more open to experimenting with it....

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Atlassian Reporting: Agile Scrum Metrics that Matter

by Bryan McMillan, Cprime Agile Coach Agile is a verb not a noun and far too many in IT have attempted to change it to a noun. To be agile is to able to move...

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People Metrics: How Annual Performance Reviews Enable Bad Behaviors

End of the year. Beginning the next. Holidays. New Year resolutions. Spending time with your in-laws. The holiday season can be hectic and the last thing people are looking forward to are those pesky Annual...

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