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Agile Strategy

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Agile Strategy

Learn more about what is agile strategy, with topics on strategic planning, scaling agile across the enterprise, and more.

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Agile Program Management

Top 10 ways agile will change your product development experience

Even before David Letterman did his Top 10 Lists – I’ve always loved lists. They’re straightforward, to-the-point and darn it…


Aaarrrggghhh, what say the manifesto?

In 2003, Disney turned the theme park ride Pirates of the Caribbean into an armada of Hollywood cash galleons, the…

Agile Strategy

Want to Scale Agile Across Your Enterprise? See What 5,000 Respondents Say

Scaling Agile Report 2017 surveys professionals interested in Agile practices to see how companies view the importance of scaling their…

Agile Strategy

How Is DevOps Incorporated in SAFe?

  Q&A with Kreisler Eng, CSM, Agile Practice Lead We caught up with Kreisler Eng, Cprime Agile Practice Lead, to…

Agile Strategy

Webinar Recap – The World Is Your Oyster Once You’re An SPC

Check out the webianar replay here   Learn more about SAFe Training and other SAFe services View our upcoming SPC…


Understanding SSLM

  Why this approach is what you have been missing You probably haven't heard of Software Services Lifecycle Management (SSLM)…


Is My Project Suitable for Kanban or Scrum?

Even though some people constantly mistake Scrum and Kanban they are significantly different. Understanding these differences is key to choosing…

Agile Software

Team Collaboration Software: JIRA vs. Assembla

By: Surid Olivera   Every great team uses some type of tool or software to help improve company communications &…


4 Tips to Effectively Evaluate New Agile Software Tools

By Ryan Yackel, Senior Product Specialist, QASymphony Tools, tools, tools... get your software tools here!   Everywhere you look, a…


What is Agile Product Development?

Agile Product Development refers to creating products with Agile processes and techniques. We refer here specifically to hardware products, software…


The Four Fundamentals of Solution Innovation

By: Dr.Scott S. Elliot, TechZecs, LLC. Many people talk about product innovation, but few develop a full understanding of what…

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Agile Development with Scrum

Introducing SAFe 4.0:

As a SAFe® Gold Partner, cPrime offers all 4.0 training courses materials, Kickstart packages and consulting, as of January 12,…