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Agile Strategy

Learn more about what is agile strategy, with topics on strategic planning, scaling agile across the enterprise, and more.

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How to Lead the Agile Charge Out of the Comfort Zone

As a company begins the transformation to Agile methodologies, some of the necessary changes are bound to be uncomfortable. Old and familiar ways of doing things will be reworked. Schedules and expectations will be altered....

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3 Key Steps to Building an Agile Team

Building successful teams is a key factor in making a success of your Agile transformation. In fact, Agile transformation will not succeed without teams that collaborate effectively and efficiently. But building an Agile team requires...

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5 Small Ways That Agile Training Makes a Big Difference

It\'s easy for us to say that you need quality training and coaching to succeed in going agile. After all, that\'s our core competency, and our passion. But, we actually have plenty of proof showing...

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How to Conduct a Retrospective Meeting for Maximum Impact

As one of the fundamental Scrum ceremonies, the sprint retrospective meeting plays a key role in helping a team constantly “inspect and adapt” in an effort to improve. Unlike the sprint review, which serves as...

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Reaching Agile Self-Sufficiency: The Role of the Internal Agile Coach

A significant percentage of organizations that try to adopt agile each year either completely fail to complete the transformation or have to admit within 12-18 months that they\'re not seeing the benefits they expected from...

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Going Agile: First Month, First Six Months, First Year

In the long run, going agile simplifies and streamlines communication, boosts productivity and even reduces stress on the team members involved. But we need to stay real here for a second: that effect isn\'t instantaneous....

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The 3 Biggest Challenges of Adopting Scrum

Scrum does not define how an enterprise or business unit operates, and it is typically not the only development process present in a large organization. As a result, “Scrum projects” must interface with the rest...

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What is My Role as an Agile Manager?

Question: What is My Role as an Agile Manager? As your company adopts Agile methodologies, your role as a traditional manager is certain to be affected. The question is, will you thrive or just survive?...

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