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Software Development

Learn more about software development, including topics on pair programming etiquette, Gitflow, advanced Git commands, and more.

From Monolith to Microservices and Beyond

Monolithic architectures were the de facto standard of how we built internet applications. Despite still being used nowadays, microservices have grown in popularity and are becoming the established architecture to build services. Service-oriented Architectures (SoA)...

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Introduction to Application Security: The What, Why, and How

In this digital age, we\'re surrounded by applications. From services to products, from basic needs to entertainment and luxury, we directly or indirectly depend on applications. And this high dependency has made application security a...

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Running SonarQube With Docker Compose

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of code quality to your project’s success. You can spend enormous amounts of time and money on your agile practice and your CI/CD pipeline, but if your code doesn’t...

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Data Mining vs. Machine Learning: Key Differences You Should Know

The massive outbreak in the generation of data has propelled advancements in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Although data mining has been around for a longer period of time, there\'s been a...

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Pull Requests and Gitflow

This blog was originally published by GitKraken and can be found here. The importance of PRs in the development process. In another post, we discussed the Gitflow model and how it helps enterprises manage releases. In this...

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Gitflow: The Easy Release Management Workflow

*This blog was originally pubished by GitKraken and can be found here. Git is an open source distributed version control system that is flexible and easy to use for all kinds of teams, no matter how...

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Migrating from Perforce to Git

*This blog was originally published by GitKraken and can be found here. Source control, aka version control, is the method of tracking and managing changes to software code. Source Control Management (SCM) systems offer a...

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Security by Design: 7 Application Security Principles You Need to Know

The explosion of high-quality application development frameworks has been a boon to the world’s software. It’s easier than ever to put together an application and start delivering value for customers, who can come from anywhere...

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Selenium Tutorial: Create Tests by Utilizing the Selenium API

This is a post about the Selenium API. Selenium has quite a few components and is often misunderstood. So, first of all, here’s a quick overview of what Selenium is and is not. Selenium is...

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Advanced Git Commands: Cherry-Picking

As developers, we first start out learning to use Git via simple repetition. We do the typical Git pull, Git push, Git fetch, and Git merge. At the start, we learn by doing, but after...

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What Does a Good Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Look Like?

The key to a successful Minimum Viable Product is not any specific feature or any product-oriented characteristic. In fact, a successful Minimum Viable Product will almost always not be very good. I will explain. The...

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Advanced Git Commands: Rewriting History

When developers use Git, they often use a combination of a graphical user interface and the command line. A GUI has a low barrier to entry, but many of us want to leverage the power...

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