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Software Development

Learn more about software development, including topics on pair programming etiquette, Gitflow, advanced Git commands, and more.

Software Development

Smartbear for Test Automation–Part 1

Every team knows how important QA is. Whether they like it or not, having a bug-free, high-quality user experience is…

Software Development

Smartbear for Test Automation–Part #2

Now that you've got a base automated test suite, or you are on your way, how do you plan to…

Software Development

How to Build Fleet Management Software

In order to avoid any miscommunication with drivers, eliminate paperwork and properly organize, manage, and coordinate your vehicles you should integrate…

Software Development

How to Create a Patient Portal Software for a Healthcare Company?

  The patient portal software provides a reliable connection between patients and their healthcare providers based on web technologies. According…

Management & Leadership

A Distributed Team Guide – Everything You Need to Know About Distributed Teams

In a distributed team, all team members work remotely from various locations, usually their own homes. So why have distributed…

Software Development

The Best Data Integration Tools to Consider

A set of advanced data integration tools is used to move data from one source to a variety of destinations.…

Software Development

How Mobile Phone Sensors are Used for Health Monitoring

Chronis diseases related to the cardiovascular system, eye, respiratory system, skin, and mental health are widespread globally. But, most of…

Software Development

9 Automotive Industry Trends in 2022 and Beyond

The world has changed since COVID-19, and automotive trends too. New business models, increased automation, digitalization and the rise of…

Software Development

How to Start a Telehealth Business

We've put together a short overview of steps towards designing and launching a successful telemedicine business as the telehealth businesses…

Software Development

How to Use DLT for Reconciliations in Banking Area

Distributed ledger technology has captured our attention some time ago as a highly promising solution for the financial sector. Today,…

Software Development

Why You Really Need a Driver Behavior Monitoring System for Fleet Management

Why do you need to use the driver behavior monitoring for your fleet? If dangerous driving behaviors only led to…


What Is a Kubernetes Secrets Vault and Why Do You Need One?

Secrets management is an important topic for organizations of any size. Especially with cloud computing and microservices, we have to…