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Software Development

Learn more about software development, including topics on pair programming etiquette, Gitflow, advanced Git commands, and more.

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Software Development

Benefits of the Interactive Healthcare Dashboards for Hospitals

An interactive healthcare dashboard is a complex tool for healthcare analytics and BI that is extremely useful when dealing with…

Software Development

The Importance of Healthcare Data Analytics in EMR

The adoption of electronic health records (EHR) and later electronic medical records (EMR) has been increasing recently, particularly in view…

Software Development

Top Healthcare Data Management Tools

Data management in healthcare is a complex process. It is composed of several key ingredients such as data governance, data…

Software Development

How to Improve Data Quality in Healthcare?

Data collection tools and methods generate information about patients that is supposed to improve the quality of medical services, treatment,…

Security Governance & Posture

Security by Design: 7 Application Security Principles You Need to Know

The explosion of high-quality application development frameworks has been a boon to the world’s software. It’s easier than ever to…

Software Development

Selenium Tutorial: Create Tests by Utilizing the Selenium API

This is a post about the Selenium API. Selenium has quite a few components and is often misunderstood. So, first…


Advanced Git Commands: Cherry-Picking

As developers, we first start out learning to use Git via simple repetition. We do the typical Git pull, Git…


What Does a Good Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Look Like?

The key to a successful Minimum Viable Product is not any specific feature or any product-oriented characteristic. In fact, a…


Advanced Git Commands: Rewriting History

When developers use Git, they often use a combination of a graphical user interface and the command line. A GUI…

Software Development

Etiquette for Pair Programming

Pair programming, the practice of two software developers working on one computer together to solve one problem, is a key…


How Does Code Refactoring Come into Play with Agile?

Learn how code refactoring impacts your agile journey. It's a scenario I see frequently in my travels as a consultant.…