Agile Methodologies

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Agile Methodologies

Check out these blogs to learn more about agile methodologies, including Scrum and Kanban, two of the most widely used Agile methodologies.

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Six Practices for De-Commodifying the Scrum Master and Unleashing Team Greatness

It is painful to watch how some enterprises treat the Scrum Master role like a commodity: Scrum Masters are all…


The Portfolio Kanban System & Lean Portfolio Management

Since their initial creation decades ago, both Agile and Lean management principles have fueled the continuous improvement of organizations across…


Develop a Winning Epic Hypothesis Statement that Captivates Stakeholders

Developed in 2011, the Scaled Agile Framework®, or SAFe, expanded on the traditional Agile manifesto by integrating essential concepts from…


What is a Scrum Team?

  Scrum was created to help organizations and teams to solve complex problems. Scrum does this by delivering increment(s) of…


Scrum vs Kanban: Which Should I Use?

When I am teaching Scrum courses, I often like to ask attendees: Is anyone using Kanban? More often than not,…


How We Created Our Iconography Using Agile Methodology

Cprime’s in-house designers developed a unique style for the brand’s design system using techniques others apply to creating software. Cprime…

Agile Methodologies

Sample Kanban Workflows for Non-tech Teams

In a previous post, we discussed why Kanban offers a simple, flexible, and highly-effective methodology for non-tech business teams who…

Agile Methodologies

Using Kanban for Flow in Non-tech Teams

While Lean Manufacturing and Agile software development are well established worldwide, the most successful companies are now recognizing that Lean/Agile…

Agile Methodologies

Kanban vs Scrum | The Differences Between Two Major Project Management Approaches

Companies use Kanban and Scrum. Kanban methodology was invented in the 1940s for Toyota and became broadly used by other…


7 Things to Stop Doing in Kanban

As described in the Kanban Quick Start Guide and the Advanced Kanban Practice Guide which I developed a while ago,…


State of Kanban Report (2021) – 7 Key Takeaways You Need to Know

For unknown reasons, many people consider Kanban a “second citizen,” sitting behind the Scrum framework within many organizations. Interestingly, Kanban…


From Scrum Master to Agile Coach – 5 tips to help you make the transition

If you have been working as a professional Scrum Master for a few years, it is very possible that you…