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Agile Methodologies

Check out these blogs to learn more about agile methodologies, including Scrum and Kanban, two of the most widely used Agile methodologies.

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The Intended Outcome of a Daily Scrum

The Daily Scrum, or “stand-up”, is a critical ceremony in the Agile Scrum framework.  Like so many aspects of Scrum, the…

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Agile Methodologies

Agility in a Remote Environment: Top Tips for Scrum Masters

As Scrum Masters, we are used to dealing with an ever changing, complex environment. How can Scrum Masters, in the…


Overview of What’s New and What’s Different in SAFe 5.0

OVERVIEW OF SAFe 5.0 CHANGES At this year’s Global SAFe Summit, Scaled Agile Inc. announced a new version of the…


7 Things You Need Do for a Successful Agile Framework Upgrade

Frameworks evolve because people are learning how to do things better. After analyzing the framework and combining it with what…


Scrum: The Framework That Changes Everything

Scrum changes the way everyone in your company interacts and will likely influence your organizational structure. When an organization considers…


How Do You Identify (And Avoid) Fake Scrum Masters?

After working with dozens of teams over the past few years, I have trained and mentored many Scrum Masters that…


From Scrum to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) – A ScrumMaster’s Perspective

The following is a fictional narrative from a Scrum Master who is on a journey to make the transition from…

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How to Make the Transition to a New Career

I've seen a number of individuals make transitions to new careers through all walks of life. Heck, I've seen English…

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A Woman’s Place is in the Scrum Team (Not the Kitchen!)

By: Liza Ridgway, Director of Agile Services   It’s 2018 and women are still the “biggest source of untapped talent,”…

Agile Methodologies

Test Driven Product: Applying Test Driven Thinking to the Product

  Test Driven Thinking Presentation Transcript All right. Thanks very much for having me. So ... And you set things…


5 Characteristics for Agile Reporting in the Real World

Any Scrum Master or Team Member is keenly aware that they are expected to deliver software each and every iteration…


Scrum Master One of the Highest Paying Jobs in US – The Washington Post

Guess what! Scrum Master is among the highest paying jobs in the US, as reported by the Washington Post in…