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Learn more about the SAFe, or Scaled Agile Framework, methodology and how it supports enterprise agility and scaling lean agile practices.

Cprime Acquires Radtac, a UK-based Leader in Enterprise Agility

In an increasingly globalized world of technology creation, Cprime is always seeking to reach wider and deeper to deliver global transformations and product solutions for its clients. “Enterprises on both sides of the Atlantic are...

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How Jira Align Supports Agile Forecasting

Overview One of the most exciting things to emerge from SAFe recently is the increasing clarity about how enterprise finance becomes a vocal, active, and engaged participant in the move to scaled agility. SAFe’s Lean...

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SAFe® in a Nutshell – Large Solution

In previous installments of our ‘SAFe in a Nutshell’ series we provided an overview to SAFe 5.0 and walked through the roles, steps, and events involved in launching and running an Agile Release Train (ART),...

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SAFe® in a Nutshell – The Inspect & Adapt (I&A) Workshop

In our last installment, we explored the activities involved in the execution of a Program Increment (PI). Now, let’s take a look at what happens in a SAFe Inspect & Adapt (I&A) Workshop and how...

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SAFe® In a Nutshell – PI Execution

In our last installment, we covered how to prepare for a PI Planning event and the roles involved, including those of the technical authority, content authority, and execution authority. In this installment, we’ll describe PI...

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Remote PI Planning With Jira Align

The global pandemic has already impacted three different Program Increments for most agile development organizations. How have your teams risen to the challenge of running these large scale planning sessions, such as remote PI Planning,...

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How to Successfully Scale Agile with Atlassian Cloud

As the originator of the first Scaling Agile solution in Jira (supporting SAFe 2.3® initially), Cprime is an expert in defining and refining the best way to configure Jira to support Scaling Agile and SAFe®...

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Achieve Customer Centricity Through Design Thinking With SAFe® and Jira Align

SAFe® 5.0 is all about business agility. And, whether you adhere strictly to the SAFe® framework for scaled agile development or not, business agility should be a focus for your organization, too. It’s really the...

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SAFe in a Nutshell – Preparing for PI Planning

In Part 1 of this series, we used the concept of scaling Scrum to present a simple way to understand how SAFe works at its core. In this next blog, we’ll focus on how to...

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Navigate Next with Cprime at the 2020 Global SAFe Summit

In less than three weeks, thousands of scaling agilists around the world will digitally convene for two jam-packed days at the 2020 Global SAFe Summit. This year will look slightly different from previous years -...

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How to Optimize Transparency Through Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Identification and Mapping is one of the best tools used in SAFe that develops deeper transparency within your organization. However, Value Stream Mapping is also one of the tools most often skipped or...

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Four Keys to Organizational Transparency – Brought to You by Agile

Building trust takes time, restructuring around customer value takes more time, and changing culture, takes even more time. The success of each of these ongoing endeavors depends largely on transparency within an organization. When is...

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