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5 Things You Should Never Say (or Do) During Sprint Retrospective

From my experience working with new Scrum teams over the past few years, it has become apparent that the Retrospective is THE single most difficult Scrum event for most teams. Even experienced teams have a...

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5 Things You Should Never Say (or Do) During Sprint Planning

Many years ago, a friend of mine once told me: “Sometimes the best way to find what works for your team is to avoid making basic mistakes”. At the time, I didn’t think much about...

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Employee Spotlight – Getting to Know Amara Sowell, Content Design Marketing Specialist

Keeping up with Cprimers! This month, we take you over to our Marketing team to highlight Amara Sowell, our Content Design Marketing Specialist. Continue reading more about Amara and what she loves about working here...

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Employee Spotlight – Getting to Know Rosa Leung, Business Operations Manager

Our employee spotlight this month features Rosa Leung, our Business Operations Manager! Keep reading to learn more about Rosa and what excites her about working at Cprime. What inspires you? My colleagues! Everyone here is...

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Employee Spotlight – Getting to Know Cecile Tortolano, Talent Acquisition Recruiter

This month we’ll be highlighting some of our amazing women here at Cprime in support of International Women\'s Month. This blog features Cecile Tortolano, one of our Talent Acquisition Recruiters. Keep reading to learn more...

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Employee Spotlight – Getting to Know Angela Gaffney, Managing Director of Enterprise Solutions

Continuing with our 2022 Employee Spotlight series, this month we bring to you our Managing Director of Enterprise Solutions, Angela Gaffney. Read more below to find out more about Angela and her thoughts about what...

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Agile framework certifications – Which one is right for me?

As an Agile Coach and trainer, one of most common questions I receive is regarding Agile certifications. Many teams that I support are new to the Agile world. Hence, there’s often interest and confusion regarding...

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Employee Spotlight – Getting to Know Anne Steiner, CEO

We’re kicking off our 2022 Employee Spotlight series with our new CEO, Anne Steiner! Read on to learn more about Anne. What inspires you? One thing that inspires me is new challenges. I get bored...

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Team Spotlight: Cprime’s Talent Acquisition Team

As a proud member of the Cprime Talent Acquisition Team, I wanted to highlight my team and to give you all an idea of the kind of amazing individuals you would find if you were...

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A “Day in the Life” of a Cprime Solutions Architect

Working as a Cprime Solutions Architect (SA) means you will use your skills and expertise in developing advanced tools and people solutions for clients. You will drive Atlassian tool solution design, architecture, and implementations using...

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A “Day in the Life” of an Agile Coach

So, what does a typical day in life look like for an Agile Coach? Agile Coaches talk and listen to people all day long. Sometimes they’re a cheerleader, sometimes they’re a counselor, hearing people’s self-doubts,...

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Employee Spotlight – Getting to Know Michelle Landesman, National Account Manager

Our Employee Spotlight of the month is Michelle Landesman, National Account Manager on our Sales Team! See what she’s up to outside of work, and what motivated her to join Cprime. Q: What attracted you...

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