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Employee Spotlights

7 Things to Consider before a Successful Software Migration

Nowadays, there is a massive demand for software migration. Many businesses follow the latest tech trends and move from old…

Employee Spotlights

Employee Spotlight – Getting to Know Kaitlyn Yergenson, Delivery Coordinator

What inspires you? Sometimes music, sometimes laughter, always learning about what makes others happiest. I love hearing someone’s story, what…

Employee Spotlights

The Business Analysis Phase: Components of the process and case studies

The business analysis phase has the strongest impact on the product development process. A business analyst can save your time…

Atlassian Integrations

How to Know if Your Jira-GitLab Integration is Successful

In a previous article, we covered what organizations should consider when researching and implementing a Jira-GitLab integration. But the next…

Employee Spotlights

Employee Spotlight – Getting to Know Kim Chen, HR Lead

This month we’re taking you to our Human Resources team to meet our HR Lead, Kim Chen! Kim started her…

Employee Spotlights

What Is the DevOps Pipeline and How is It Different from the DevOps Lifecycle?

A DevOps pipeline is a set of automation tools or steps that can help navigate the DevOps processes and accelerate…

Employee Spotlights

Healthcare Technologies and the Seniors: 3 Strategies to Make it Work

There’s a sketch in the American cartoon show Family Guy where the main character Peter tries to get an elderly…

Employee Spotlights

Employee Spotlight – Getting to Know Stuart Young, Innovation Practice Lead

This month we're taking you across the pond to the United Kingdom to meet Stuart Young, our Innovation Practice Lead,…

Employee Spotlights

5 Myths about Embedded Systems Development

The embedded systems development process is developing rapidly nowadays. Our house is full of embedded systems: a washing machine and…

Employee Spotlights

Employee Spotlight – Getting to Know MC Legault, Head of Canada

Keep up with our Cprimers! This month we take you up North to our Head of Canada, Marie-Christine Legault. Keep…

Employee Spotlights

GitLab and Jira Integration: Do You Need a Custom or Out-of-the-box Solution?

GitLab+Jira integration leverages the overall functionality of the ecosystem and improves the development workflow, making the development team’s work easier…


5 Things You Should Never Say (or Do) During Sprint Retrospective

From my experience working with new Scrum teams over the past few years, it has become apparent that the Retrospective…