A “Day in the Life” of a Cprime Solutions Architect

Working as a Cprime Solutions Architect (SA) means you will use your skills and expertise in developing advanced tools and people solutions for clients. You will drive Atlassian tool solution design, architecture, and implementations using standard methodologies and manage multiple client deliverables and expectations that align with client needs. This requires top-notch juggling skills: you may be on a phone call with a client, answering internal questions through Slack, and replying to an e-mail at the same time. A lot of times you might feel like you are trying to avoid a train wreck while putting out multiple fires.


“I love that nothing is ever the same, and that I also am always learning and evolving. I’m like a human agile experiment.”

Lisa Barton, Cprime Solutions Architect

A huge part of your morning will be spent meeting with the sales team and clients. Client meetings help you to discover what their pain points are, as well as what goals and solutions they are striving for. Another part of your day will be spent problem-solving. You will formulate solutions that will provide guidance and follow best practices. This includes putting on your investigator hat!

Figuring out what the client is not telling you is as important as understanding what they are telling you. You need to cover all the “what-if” questions. In determining underlying pain points, you will be able to avoid causing more problems down the road. You will need to be organized to balance many demands and will continuously be reviewing existing environments while also planning new ones. Some clients may want you to travel and be onsite to meet with them. As an SA, you will be writing scripts, working on migrations, keeping up with new Atlassian features, and also working with other teams inhouse to meet the client’s needs.

Time management is a must for an SA, requiring you to plan and prioritize your day so both internal teams and clients stay on the established timeline. You will also need to continuously learn and evolve. There will always be new technologies, methodologies, and best practices that you will need to stay abreast of in order to offer clients the best solutions and be a trusted advisor.

Throughout the day, Cprime SA’s are also responsible for educating the clients. Most of the time clients don’t even realize that they don’t have the full picture of what the tools can do. You will help clients understand what the tool is, how it works, and what it does. Walking a client through a better way of doing things when they are set in their ways takes persuasiveness and finesse. As a trusted advisor, you need to help them take a step back and take a holistic approach to people, process, and technology. Atlassian tools open up the data, but the tools alone can’t make a team Agile; you need the people and processes in place to make a successful transformation.

Being a Solutions Architect at Cprime requires being tech savvy and having business acumen, but it also requires many soft skills like empathy, collaboration, problem solving, teambuilding, and mentoring. You will wear many hats and always be working toward solutions to solve complex client challenges.

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