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3 Warning Signs That Your Sprint Review Is Failing, and 3 Ideas to Fix It

Your Scrum team has been working together for several weeks now. They seem to be embracing change well, but you sense that there are still many opportunities for improvement. When you show up at the...

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Sprint Retrospective vs. SAFe Iteration Retrospective –
3 Big Differences You Need to Know

If you are familiar with Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), you should be aware of the many similarities that SAFe has with Scrum in terms of specific practices. With exception of some of the terminology (i.e....

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3 Warning Signs That Your Sprint Retrospective Is Failing, and 3 Ideas to Fix It

The Sprint Retrospective, arguably the most important and also the most commonly-forgotten Scrum event for many new Scrum teams, is likely the source of many headaches for you and your team. Why is it so...

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3 Warning Signs That Your Sprint Planning Is Failing, and 3 Ideas to Fix It

If your Scrum team is struggling to consistently meet it’s Sprint Goals, there could be a number of potential causes for this symptom. One of the common issues is poor planning, but how do you...

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State of Agile Coaching – 5 Things You Need to Know

Earlier this year, the Scrum Alliance published the first ever edition of the State of Agile Coaching Report, which contained many insights into the fledgling profession that is commonly referred to as “Agile Coaching”. I...

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3 Warning Signs That Your Backlog Refinement Is Failing, and 3 Ideas to Fix It

Backlog Refinement, or commonly known as “Backlog Grooming”, is an essential activity that many Scrum teams fail to execute consistently due to the perceived “overhead”. Also, some teams choose to ignore this practice simply because...

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3 Warning Signs That Your Agile Transformation Is Failing, and 3 Ideas to Fix It

Over the past decade, I have worked with several companies to assist them with their Agile transformation initiatives. Each experience enabled me to learn new approaches and allowed me to refine my toolbox of tricks...

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Is Scrum Right For Your Team? 5 Questions To Help You Decide Today!

It’s the year 2021, and Scrum has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. Having worked with Scrum teams since the early-2000s, it’s very interesting to see this framework evolve and continue to thrive amongst many industries....

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Evolution of Scrum – A Trip Down Memory Lane

As most Agile practitioners are aware, the Scrum framework has been around since the 1950s. Expressed in various forms and concepts, Scrum was formally documented and published in 2001 as the Scrum Guide by Ken...

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3 Warning Signs That Your Daily Scrum Is Failing, and 3 Ideas to Fix It

Have you ever attended a 1-hour Daily Scrum before? If so, I have a feeling you wish to avoid those types of meetings if at all possible! Many teams that are new to Scrum begin...

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Do You need an SPC to be an Agile Coach? 3 Questions to Help You Decide Today!

Recently, a former colleague of mine who is working as a Scrum Master ask me a question that I don’t hear often, “Do I need to get certified as an SPC to become an Agile...

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What is Agile Hardware?

The phenomenal success of the Scrum framework, as an approach to organizing and conducting software-product development, is now well known. Many words have been written on the topic (some of them by me), and many...

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