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Message Driven Agility (pt. 2): Harnessing Business Signals that Matter

Turn down the noise of your software signals and turn up the context with Slack Don\'t miss our previous blog, Message Driven Agility Pt 1 - Fighting Fragmentation with Slack The possibilities of message driven...

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Where’s the Value? Value Stream Identification vs. Value Stream Mapping vs. Value Stream Management

Q: What is a Value Stream? A: A tool for learning that helps organizations to become more responsive   How Value Stream Identification Makes Us More Responsive Value Stream identification helps make our organization more...

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5 Things You Need to Stop Doing at the Sprint Review

A few weeks ago, one of the Scrum teams that I have been supporting informed me that they had not been doing Sprint Reviews because they had completed nothing worth demonstrating to the team or...

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Five Transformational Steps Toward Increased Organizational Agility

As agile project management has become more prevalent in IT organizations, there has been an increasing trend toward overall organizational agility or business agility, as it is sometimes called.  This involves a full transformation of...

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14th Annual State of Agile Report – 5 Key Results You Need to Know

The Annual State of Agile Report has become something of a standard in my organization over the past few years. It has been an interesting journey to see the practice of Agile methods spread across...

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Success with your Agile Team is all about Change Management – Here’s How

I recently realized something that I probably have always known in the back of my mind years ago – implementing new ways of working is primarily about change management. Although I have coached numerous teams...

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Agile Change Management – 3 Tips for your Agile Adoption

Recently, I have been studying how people, teams, and organizations respond to change. This may seem surprising, but I have found the human side of Agile to be the one aspect that is most often...

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Why You Should Use Xray for Jira as your Test Management Solution

Many activities go into developing any type of software. From gathering requirements to deploying to real-world users, lots of factors influence the final product. Testing is one of these factors that you have to take...

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Agile Transformation Strategy – Top down or bottom up?

Over the past couple of years, I have worked with a variety of organizations to help them adopt Agile practices. One of the most interesting things that I have learned through the Agile transformation experience...

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Agile and DevOps – Which Scaled Agile Framework Works Best?

If you are already running Agile/DevOps teams, sooner or later, you will reach a fork in the road where you need to decide how to scale your teams. By “scale”, it means that you seek...

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The Failure Files: Tooling Driven Business Process

Part 1: The Risk of Leaving People Out of Your Digital Transformation Check out our infographic on \"The Top 6 Reasons Digital Transformations Fail\" “We bought Jira, why aren’t we going faster?” “I got on...

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What User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Is and Is Not

It\'s time to dive into the mysteries of user acceptance testing (UAT). In this short post, we\'ll talk about what it is, who performs it, why it\'s necessary, and how you can smoothly integrate it...

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