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Project Management

Learn more about project management topics, including tips for project managers, project teams, project management training, and project terminology.

The Illusion of Role Overlap – Project Managers & Business Analysts

Recently I taught a class on project management, using PMI-endorsed material provided by a well-known leadership training brand. Last fall, I co-led a presentation with a project manager on the topic of managing the PM/BA...

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3 Reasons Your Project Managers Don’t like Agile Development and 3 Tips to Fix It

If you are planning to adopt Agile Development practices, chances are, you will encounter resistance from your project management team (possibly the Project Management Office), especially if they are operating with traditional/Waterfall approach. What are...

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How to Create an Agile Project Management Office – 5 Essential Tips

When you hear the term “PMO” (commonly known as “Project Management Office”), what’s the first thing that comes to mind? How would you describe it in a single word? For me, I usually think of...

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How a RACI Matrix Benefits Scrum Teams

Why do we need a RACI matrix in scrum teams? Scrum is all about empowerment and autonomy isn\'t it? Surely conformity is going back to the turn of the 19th century Taylorism? Well, I beg...

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When Risk Management Falls Short: Using a Business Process approach to Overcome Challenges

“Risk is like fire: If controlled, it will help you; if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you.” -Theodore Roosevelt Risk Management teams who are assigned with identifying risk might go about their task...

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Changes to the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam and How They Affect You

Earlier in 2020 The Project Management Institute (PMI)® announced changes to the Registered Education Provider (REP) program and the Project Management Professional Exam(PMP® Exam). The current REP program will be retired at the end of...

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The Value of a Project Team Handbook

If you’re a Project Manager, then you’re very familiar with the challenges we face in getting everyone on the project team ramped up for the new project. Quite frankly, it can be a little chaotic if it’s...

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Project Case Studies – Worthwhile or Waste of Time?

Over the past year, I have personally experienced something that I had not expected when speaking to potential clients. There appears to be an increase in the desire for project case studies. Regardless of the...

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Dealing With Project Team Turnover

There are several specific phrases that Project Managers tend to get anxious about and one of them is “I quit”. Admittedly, we have all been in a situation where this can have a good impact...

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Problem: Project Assumptions Not Documented

Project assumptions, that have not been validated, discussed or documented can seriously impact a project effort with respect to the schedule, the budget and the scope of the effort. Recently I had a discussion with...

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Don’t Forget Your Project Stakeholders!

Recently I received a note from one of my project management colleagues who told me that he, and the project team, never completed a thorough stakeholder analysis at the beginning of the project. The result?...

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Problem: Project Tasks are Incomplete

We have all been there before! Various project tasks are incomplete, or late, because a Project Team member didn’t know that they were responsible for the tasks or didn’t know how to complete the tasks....

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