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Learn more about project management topics, including tips for project managers, project teams, project management training, and project terminology.

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cPrime Names Consultant of the Month for November 2011

  VEER VEERANA IS NAMED CPRIME CONSULTANT OF THE MONTH FOR NOVEMBER 2011! Veer is a PMP certified, seasoned, business…

Project Management

Driving Change with Business Intelligence (BI)

What is Business Intelligence and What Does it Do? by Crystal Lee, PMP, and Chris Patrick, PMP Recently we’ve been…

Project Management

How Your Job Scope as a Project Manager May Be Detrimental to Your Success

by Zubin IraniAs a profession, project management is amorphous by nature. Project Managers have collectively earned a reputation as the…

Project Management

What Makes a Great Project Manager, Great?

by Chris Holbrook What a fantastic question. This question is commonly asked either by people looking to hire stellar project…

Project Management

Roadmap for Project Manager Success

by Chris Patrick, PMP Aligning Projects to Organizational Strategy   As project managers, we sometimes get caught in the heat…


Work Breakdown Structures (WBS): The Forgotten Best Practice

by Chris Holbrook, MBA, PMP, SCPM, CSM, Practice Director Learning how to facilitate a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) session is…

Business Agility

Common Problems of Failed Projects

  Project Management Solutions     Do you see failing projects in your organization? Maybe you’re on a failing project…

Business Agility

Earned Value Management

by Traci Barlow, MBA, PMP What is it and is it Practical?   Proper planning, measurement and control are keys…

Project Management

How to Run More Effective Meetings

by Crystal Lee, PMP Project Management Tips Think about the last few meetings you set up or were invited to…

Business Agility

Metrics in Project Management

by Crystal Lee, PMP   Metrics may not be the sexiest subject in project management, but the success of the…

Project Management

Project Personality Dis-Order?: Managing Difficult Personalities on Your Project

By Brandon Huff (PMP, CSM), Practice Director, cPrime Inc. Managing Difficult Personalities on Your Project Projects are hard enough to…

Business Agility

What are the first steps when you take over as a project manager of a new project?

Project Manager Resources & Tips   Firstly, I’m hoping you know the triple constraints (scope, budget and schedule) and their…