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Project Management

Learn more about project management topics, including tips for project managers, project teams, project management training, and project terminology.

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How to Make the Transition to a New Career

I\'ve seen a number of individuals make transitions to new careers through all walks of life. Heck, I\'ve seen English and History majors excel at IT consulting and end up being great senior IT executives!...

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Understanding Product Vision and Project Scope

Raise your hand if you thought that the Product Vision and the Project Scope were the same thing? Don’t be ashamed, I did for a very long time. It was easy for me to intertwine...

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Hybrid PMO – How to manage a hybrid project portfolio

As the use of Agile methods continue to grow and expand into various business sectors, more companies are facing new challenges that they had not experienced in the past. One such challenge is the evolution...

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Confluence tips and tricks to get started as your knowledge management tool

Authors: Simone Chen, Swati Jain In an age of information overload, the ability to effectively sort and search through content is only becoming increasingly important. This is no different for companies striving to maintain and build...

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Scrum Master One of the Highest Paying Jobs in US – The Washington Post

Guess what! Scrum Master is among the highest paying jobs in the US, as reported by the Washington Post in the “Leadership” column on March 8. The Post said: Being a \"scrum master\" may sound...

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Get 21 Required PDUs On Your Own Time

If you\'re a developer currently working in an Agile environment, or a project manager looking to enhance your knowledge of Agile practices and guidelines, obtaining the Project Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® certification can...

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3 Essentials to Qualify for the Project Management Institute (PMI)® Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam

The (PMP)® certification is the most widely recognized project management credential you can obtain. But, as Spiderman learned, with great power comes great responsibility. That\'s why the PMI® insists that applicants meet certain necessary prerequisites...

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Hybrid Projects: How Can Waterfall and Agile Work Together?

While it\'s tempting for proponents of Agile methodologies to claim they work best for every development project, that\'s simply not the case. While Agile project management methodologies can generally be used for any development project...

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Ship-it Snippets: Awesome Teams with Jeff McKenna

What it takes to have an awesome team: What is an awesome team? How can we create an environment to help teams thrive? Awesome team vs. Awesome Organization Co-located teams vs. Distributed Teams Different personalities...

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Project Management & Agile Methodologies

Project Management & Agile Methodologies   Plan Driven - Waterfall, Agile Development, Scrum, XP Project Management is the process of organizing, directing and measuring the work involved in a given project. It was developed as a...

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Having too many Senior Project Managers is bad for your PMO

Having too many Senior Project Managers is bad for your PMO By Zubin Irani, cPrime CEO Project Management Article: As a profession, project management is amorphous by nature. Project Managers have collectively earned a reputation...

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How to Retain Top Talent

How to Retain Top Talent Tips for Managers By Zubin Irani, cPrime CEO If your business or company has survived the worst of the recession so far, don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet....

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