Why You Should Use Xray for Jira as your Test Management Solution

Many activities go into developing any type of software. From gathering requirements to deploying to real-world users, lots of factors influence the final product.

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Testing is one of these factors that you have to take into account before launching software. Softwares like Xray for Jira help to ensure that the features of the software are working correctly. Without proper testing, users may end up with software that’s riddled with bugs and a bad user experience. This is harmful for any software, of course. For enterprise software, it could be even worse because it could hinder the activities of your business.

Let’s consider how test management can help solve these problems.

What Is Test Management?

Testing is a core aspect of software development. It ensures that the software produced is of high quality. Testing can be manual or automated, but you’ll need to answer a couple of questions before you can carry it out successfully. Some of the questions include:

  • What should you test?
  • How should you perform tests?
  • Who will carry out the testing?
  • When should you test?
  • How should you handle and manage test data?

These questions can also lead to more questions! So it’s clear there’s more to testing than meets the eye.


This complexity is even more apparent when you’re carrying out testing for enterprise software. Due to the number of activities involved in testing, you need a system to manage these activities.


Test management is the process of supervising all testing activities to ensure that your team is carrying them out in an expert manner. These activities include organizing information, managing test data and test cases, and generating test reports. Effective test management makes it possible to carry out all testing activities to ensure you’re delivering quality software.

Why Automate Test Management?

As seen in the previous section, there are a lot of activities involved in proper test management. While it’s possible to carry out these activities by hand, it can become tedious to keep track of things. Therefore, it makes sense to automate the process using third-party services like Xray for Jira.


In the case of enterprise systems, you should be spending most of your time on users’ needs. So there are a few reasons to automate your test management process.

  • Speed: First, it’s faster to automate the process of test management. Once you’ve done so, you can test faster and with fewer errors. Automation also reduces the time needed to access test data.
  • Efficiency: Next, automation reduces the need for human contact. You can run tests swiftly anytime you push new code to the server.
  • Reusability: Lastly, automation makes the entire process reusable. Once you’ve set it up, you can use it over and over. This frees up the time it would usually take to set up for a new test case.

Integrate With CI/CD

Once you’ve automated your test management process, you can integrate continuous integration and continuous deployment or delivery. CI/CD is an important aspect of the modern software development process. It ensures development and deployment are streamlined in such a way that there’s minimal human contact. As such, a good test management system should make provisions for your CI/CD process. It should also notify the parties involved when there’s an issue due to a new push or deploy.


Xray for Jira

There’s growing demand for test management services by organizations and companies. This demand will only increase as the need to deliver products faster increases as well. Thereby, it makes sense for your team to spend more time improving product features than managing testing activities. The solution for this is to use a test management solution to help you easily keep track of all testing activities. Using a test management solution such as Xray for Jira will assist in this and even automate some of the processes for you. Learn quickly and easily how to structure your entire test management suite using Xray for Jira in our 2-day workshop. The course is designed for professionals looking to develop a software testing plan utilizing various industry tools to ensure their software performs at peak capability.

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