Why You Should Use Xray for Jira as your Test Management Solution

Many activities go into developing any type of software. From gathering requirements to deploying to real-world users, lots of factors…


Untangling Agile Development Misconceptions

Last Sunday, TechCrunch published “Death to JIRA,” an article that pinned the challenges of software development on one of the…


How Agile Software Supports Agile Processes

The entire reason behind “going agile” is to benefit from the improved visibility, efficiency, and collaboration that agile processes provide.…

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JIRA SAFe – The Easiest Way to Manage Work Across Project, Program, and Portfolio

In a busy Agile development environment, speed and efficiency are always welcome. Anything we can do to make our jobs…


Cprime and Atlassian Improve Agile Processes Together

Earlier this year, we were thrilled to announce that we'd qualified to serve as an Atlassian Platinum Partner - a…

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Designing and Planning a Jira Data Center Installation

A Data Center installation is not the easiest thing to execute. It will involve a great deal of preparation, planning…

Agile Development with Scrum

Using DevOps to Streamline and Improve Your Business

While not technically included in the Agile methodology, the popular set of practices known as DevOps works hand-in-hand with Agile,…

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Recap of the 2014 Atlassian Summit

September's Atlassian Summit 2014 was an exciting and fun event and cPrime is proud and glad to have been involved.…


Manage Your Agile Portfolio and Increase Visibility to Stakeholders With These Free Tools

The options available for tools and resources to help you move to Agile and make a success of it seem…

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What to Look For in an Agile Project Management Tool

Managing projects is a tough job. There seem to be a million moving parts, reams of data to review, dozens…

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Agile Development with Scrum

Getting the Customer On-board – Streamlining Agile With the JIRA Service Desk Solution

One of the key tenets that makes successful Agile adoption so powerful is the role the customer plays in guiding…

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Improving Project Reporting with Cprime’s New Burn-up Chart Gadget for Jira

An Agile project is exciting by its very nature: you're jumping into the development process with both feet, working toward…