Recap of the 2014 Atlassian Summit

September’s Atlassian Summit 2014 was an exciting and fun event and cPrime is proud and glad to have been involved.

There were way too many great sessions, speakers, training opportunities, networking opportunities, and announcements to come close to covering it all in this recap, so trust us when we say, we’re just offering up the tip of the iceberg here. For the full experience, we fully recommend checking out the Atlassian Summit 2015!

cPrime had a great booth set up to focus attention on the portfolio-level questions we’ve been hearing from so many of our clients, and it really seemed to resonate with the attendees. (Of course, it may have been the t-shirts we were giving away that really kept the crowds enthralled.)

In addition, we had the privilege of assisting Atlassian with setting up the bulk of their training sessions during the first day of the Summit, which included 19 inspiring sessions that really dug deep into what the Atlassian platform has to offer at various organizational and industry levels.

“The atmosphere was really electric,” said our own Monte Montoya, “we could feel the attendees’ excitement around the keynote announcements, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Plus, it was educational for us too. We were able to bring home a lot of great questions and requests regarding DevOps, scaling Agile, and more. So we were just really glad to be a part of the Summit.”

Product Announcements

For those of us who use and recommend the Atlassian suite of project management applications, the series of updates and product announcements offered up by Mike Cannon-Brooks at the opening keynote was worth the price of admission.

•JIRA Portfolio – a brand new product joining the Atlassian family takes the JIRA formula to the portfolio level to help “connect strategy and reality” for organizations looking to scale Agile company-wide.

•Stash Data Center – joining the JIRA and Confluence Data Center solutions already on the market, Stash Data Center now makes the best Git repository management tool on the market even better for enterprise-level clients with the highest levels of demand.

•HipChat for iOS 8 – The newest iOS offers a lot of room for the HipChat team at Atlassian to create a slicker, smoother collaboration experience for HipChatters everywhere. File sharing from any app, replies directly from notifications, and direct access to recently active chat rooms all make HipChat even cooler on the iPhone or iPad.

•JIRA Service Desk 2.0 – On top of all the feature and interface upgrades, the new version of last year’s top new product includes a brand new trimmed down pricing structure that makes it far easier to scale to nearly any size business.

•Confluence Updates – The popular Confluence product now has a number of exciting updates including in-line commenting, file attachment improvements, and (coming soon) real-time collaborative editing!

•Inter- and Intra-application Integrations and Automations – An update sure to thrill Dev teams everywhere, a host of new application integrations and “robot” automations have been added to several of the Atlassian apps to make it easier for various teams to work in their applications of choice while allowing leadership to maintain a consistent view of what’s going on across the board, and to allow everyone to stay efficient and Agile by letting the robots handle the mundane repetitive tasks surrounding the development process.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how these great features can benefit your Agile processes.