JIRA SAFe – The Easiest Way to Manage Work Across Project, Program, and Portfolio

In a busy Agile development environment, speed and efficiency are always welcome. Anything we can do to make our jobs a little easier, a little quicker, and a little less prone to interruption, the better.

An area that historically creates bottlenecks is the connection between the planning and execution of individual sprints, complete projects, complete programs, and the portfolio. Tying all of that together to business strategies at the highest level has been elusive as well.

But now, the entire SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework for the Enterprise) has become easier to access and visualize thanks to a new custom solution for Atlassian JIRA made by cPrime.

The JIRA SAFe Solution

This custom solution pulls together the most popular Agile software (JIRA by Atlassian) and the popular Scaling Agile Framework (SAFe) to provide an unprecedented level of visibility and reporting functionality across the entire enterprise’s Agile portfolio.

Expanding JIRA’s already powerful functions, this solution also provides:

  • Program and Portfolio planning right inside JIRA
  • End to end visibility of epics, features, and stories
  • A way to manage work across the Project, Program, and Portfolio levels
  • An efficient source for value stream reporting
  • A single source for Agile data
  • A more efficient and less labor-intensive source for reconciling, standardizing, and normalizing

This expanded functionality allows JIRA’s power to be scaled to any size company in any industry vertical.

By bringing all these functions into one tool, it also reduces the time and money investment required for training and onboarding, letting you and your developers get to work faster.

Review the latest information about the JIRA SAFe Solution, and contact us with any questions. We know you’ll love it, and we want to hear when you do!

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