What’s New in SAFe® 6.0 and Why Does it Matter?

Since 2011, the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) has helped companies large and small organize and optimize their journey as they…


How Do SAFe and Lean Work Together?

SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework®) is built on the foundation of Lean principles, which originated from manufacturing. “Lean” espouses optimization of…


Scaling Agile Practices to the Enterprise

Applying an Agile framework to multiple teams at once, and in coordination, is often referred to as “Scaling Agile”.  This…


Hidden Benefits of the Cloud for Government Agencies

When we look at what cloud computing offers any organization, there are some universal benefits. We all know that the…


Scaling Agile Teams – 3 Things You Need to Know

Now that you have successfully launched a Scrum team and helped them to deliver value to the stakeholders, you have…


Which Agile scaling model is right for me? 3 questions to help you decide today!

Once you have mastered Scrum and Kanban, the logical next step is usually scaling. What is scaling Agile? The simplest…

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Enterprise Alignment at Agile 2019 with Cprime

Excitement is definitely in the air as we eagerly await the first week of August where in D.C the ‘Agile…


5 Steps to Transforming your SAFe© Transformation Approach

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe©) change agents often face similar challenges when trying to implement SAFe within an organization. A change agent…

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Webinar Recap – The World Is Your Oyster Once You’re An SPC

Check out the webianar replay here   Learn more about SAFe Training and other SAFe services View our upcoming SPC…

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The Ugly Truth About Scaling Agile

Congratulations. 100% of your developers are now practicing agile. You have a stable, predictable velocity and even your CEO knows…

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Scaling Agile with Atlassian and SAFe

Atlassian has been supporting large companies as they adopt agile methodologies for years. We've seen that while many scaling methodologies…

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Agile Development with Scrum

Introducing SAFe 4.0:

As a SAFe® Gold Partner, cPrime offers all 4.0 training courses materials, Kickstart packages and consulting, as of January 12,…