Enterprise Alignment at Agile 2019 with Cprime

Excitement is definitely in the air as we eagerly await the first week of August where in D.C the ‘Agile tribes’ will meet again. Agile 2019 is upon us! The days (and nights) of August 5 – 9 will be chock-full with talks, workshops, stimulating conversations, serious learning, and some fun times as Agile thought leaders, authors and expert practitioners will get together for this annual conference.


With nearly 300 sessions to choose from there’s plenty to learn and some hard choices to make as attendees pick the tracks, topics and individual talks that are most relevant to them. Some of the topics that are top of mind this year include product thinking, scaling agile initiatives along with the accompanying tools and technologies.


Cprime is, once again, a sponsor of this event. Our team of experts will attend the conference and would gladly discuss and share our experience, best practices and lessons learned in successfully implementing and scaling agile development. We saw enlightening exchanges and stimulating discussions with hundreds of agile practitioners at our booth in previous years and expect the same spirited, thought provoking discussions this time around.


As Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Partner, we are excited to showcase Atlassian Jira Align and demonstrate how it connects business strategy to customer outcomes. Jira Align is garnering tremendous interest and attention in the industry in the last little while and Cprime will be there to demo the different capabilities and discuss how you may benefit from this technology.

So if you’re eager to learn about scaling agile, product agility or chomping at the bit to get acquainted with Jira Align, or simply want a friendly chat and some cool swag – stop at the Cprime booth to say hello.


We hope to see you there!

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