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Scaled Agile Transformations

Agile at Scale

Out of the box or customized solutions for the governance of your Portfolio, Program and Project
RAGESMCprime provides an approach to building effective structures through the concept of RAGE, Recipes for Agile Governance in the Enterprise. RAGE enables rapid decisions, based on lightweight artifacts developed with minimum effort and is applicable to any process (Agile, Plan-Driven, Hybrid, etc.).
SAFeTMThe Scaled Agile Framework is a proven, publicly-facing framework for applying Lean and Agile practices at enterprise scale. This framework synchronizes alignment, collaboration and delivery in the enterprise and scales successfully to large numbers of practitioners and teams.
Portfolio GovernanceWhat initiatives should we undertake? Who will work on the initiave? What kind of ROI will you see? The answer: Agile Portfolio Governance
Release ManagementActivities include estimating stories,developing team scope, and epics in a release to create maps of stories and sprints. Organizations run into difficulty with managing dependencies, allotment of work, setting priority, and other factors. We have the solution.