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Meet Our Team

Cprime means exceptional leadership. Cprime is not your typical agile or technology consulting company. We are a team of highly skilled, diversely experienced, and intently focused leaders and doers poised to provide value. When you work with a Cprimer, you get the collective experience of all our Cprime community members.


Zubin Irani


Anne Steiner

VP, Product Agility

Ken France

VP, Scaled Agility

Brandon Huff

VP, Atlassian Services

Stedman Ng

VP, Cloud Services

Monte Montoya

VP, Product

Tiffany Metzinger

VP, Marketing

Kreisler Ng

VP, Training & Talent

Niles Love

VP, Sales

Kristy Chin

VP, Legal and Compliance

Evan Terry

VP, Operations

Christian Hoch

VP, Finance