Transforming Finance in a SAFe® Agile Enterprise

In an era where agility is not just a buzzword but a necessity, the integration of finance into SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) enterprises represents a crucial yet challenging endeavor. As the business landscape rapidly evolves, aligning financial strategies with Agile methodologies becomes imperative. This integration is not merely about adopting new tools or processes but about a fundamental shift in mindset and operations within the finance department.

This article is based in part on the webinar, “How the Finance Department Fits Into a SAFe Enterprise”, a panel discussion with Cprime’s four SAFe Fellows. Watch the full webinar on demand.

Early Engagement and Education: Laying the Foundation

One of the webinar’s key points emphasizes early engagement with finance teams in Agile transformations. It’s paramount to start to engage with finance early to help them understand this new way of working. Traditional finance operations, with their entrenched methods of handling budgets and forecasting, often struggle to adapt to Agile’s dynamic nature. Early involvement and education are critical in bridging the gap, ensuring finance teams comprehend and embrace the Agile framework.

Shifting from Project to Product-Based Funding

A significant aspect of Agile finance is the shift from project-based to product-based funding. This transition involves trying to fund long-term standing teams that are more efficient and can produce better outcomes. This approach contrasts starkly with traditional project cost accounting, necessitating a gradual evolution and experimentation within the finance department. It also demands changes in capitalization practices, foundational to many organizations’ accounting structures, requiring finance teams to learn how to manage these in an Agile context.

Navigating Challenges and Building Synergy

Adapting finance to Agile at scale involves overcoming several challenges, such as modifying forecasting methods and understanding capitalization in an Agile environment. Finance departments are accustomed to a waterfall environment, making the transition to Agile methodologies a significant learning curve. Educating finance teams on Agile practices and their implications on business outcomes is crucial for a smooth transition.

Governance and Engagement: Critical for Agile Success

Effective governance in Agile settings involves finding the right balance between flexibility and control. Establishing financial guardrails is essential to ensure disciplined decision-making while accommodating the dynamic nature of Agile projects. Enhancing engagement and transparency between finance and Agile teams is vital. Involving finance professionals in Agile processes and ensuring clear communication about financial operations are key steps in building this integrated approach.

Expanding Your Agile Finance Knowledge

For businesses navigating the integration of finance into SAFe enterprises, understanding these principles is just the beginning. The full webinar offers an in-depth exploration of these complexities and solutions, providing valuable insights for mastering Agile finance transformation. Watch it on demand today!

Watch the full webinar on demand

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