Understanding SSLM

Why this approach is what you have been missing

You probably haven’t heard of Software Services Lifecycle Management (SSLM) yet, but you will soon.
SSLM is actively challenging the status quo of software services and Agile and Devops adoption practices of the industry today. Calling for a momentous push towards full integration of process and technology, Software Services Lifecycle Management addresses the fragmented way software and services are used to support Agile, DevOps and ALM initiatives.

As it sits today, Agile practitioners and coaches deemphasize the importance of technology, remain tool agnostic and tend to ignore the subject all together. Similarly, technology experts don’t really understand the Agile process. When these initiatives remain siloed, value is lost, project success is hindered and advancement is prohibited.


SSLM unifies the teams, processes and tools used to build applications through a unified approach to software services. It removes the cultural barriers that result in siloed operations and disconnected software delivery workflows. SSLM promotes an integrated and comprehensive approach that supports the software goals of an organization. As Agile and DevOps, reach further into the enterprise, SSLM establishes the need to look at how all tools and processes complement each other, and provides practical steps to create a unified services strategy.

Who does SSLM benefit?

It seems like common sense to unify process and technology objectives, right? Well, beyond that, SSLM benefits everyone from the customers who utilize the approach, to the general industry services industry. For customers, SSLM adds more value and purpose to the services provided. It will also increase the visibility, productivity and efficiency among not just teams, but the entire organization. Teams are more fulfilled, when they achieve faster software delivery. There are also benefits to the industry and the most important one is that SSLM will elevate services to a more valuable standard.

As said by our CEO Zubin Irani “We believe that all software services should contain a unique blend of people process and technology that must align to support the overall effectiveness of the software delivery lifecycle”.

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