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Agile Software

JIRA vs Axosoft

JIRA and Axosoft are similar in many ways, both JIRA and Axosoft are suitable for small-medium businesses. Something to pay…

Agile Software

JIRA vs Gemini

In an era in where technology is constantly changing and new technological tools are appearing each day how can you…


Confluence Voting

JIRA and Confluence finally came together to create an amazing tool called Confluence voting. What is Confluence Voting you may…

Agile Software

Team Collaboration Software: JIRA vs. Assembla

By: Surid Olivera   Every great team uses some type of tool or software to help improve company communications &…


Cprime and AgileCraft Partner to Better Enable Enterprise-wide Agility with JIRA

Partnership enables organizations committed to Atlassian suite to scale agile across all levels of the enterprise – including team, program,…

Agile Software

JIRA System Admin Training Series by Cprime

Our JIRA Admin Virtual Course is now available!   SIGN UP FOR THE SERIES HERE   Catch a preview by…

Agile Software

How to Overcome the Top Five Challenges in JIRA

JIRA by Atlassian has become the standard for project management software among Agile teams in recent years. But, as with…

JIRA Service Desk
Agile Development with Scrum

Getting the Customer On-board – Streamlining Agile With the JIRA Service Desk Solution

One of the key tenets that makes successful Agile adoption so powerful is the role the customer plays in guiding…

Agile Management Tips

Improving Project Reporting with Cprime’s New Burn-up Chart Gadget for Jira

An Agile project is exciting by its very nature: you're jumping into the development process with both feet, working toward…