How to Build a Message Box in SharePoint

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Ever had the need to add a message box in your PowerApp but didn’t know how? Well, here’s how you do it!
You can use Text, Icon or image as an option to click on to show the message box.

In this example I have grouped both a Circle and Add icon to create the following:

Circle and Add

Next, add a text box

Text Box

In the text box add ‘X’ i.e. cancel icon. Now go ahead and group the text and cancel icon together.

Text Box and Icon Together

Select the button and update the ‘OnSelect’ function to ‘UpdateContext({pop1:true})


Select the ‘X’ or cancel button and update the ‘OnSelect’ function to ‘UpdateContent({pop1:false})

Update Content

Finally, select the text box group and update the ‘Visible’ function to ‘pop1’. Once you type in pop1 the text group will disappear.


Here’s a short video that walks you through the steps and ends with a demo.

We hope you got value out of this SharePoint tutorial!

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