Cprime Monthly Migrations Customer Story Round-Up | Winter 2023

Cloud migrations encompass diverse scenarios, ranging from server-to-cloud transitions to data center migrations. While the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) and Cloud Migration Assistant (CCMA) have been instrumental in most migration projects, the intricate landscape of individual customer setups, including marketplace add-ons, integrations, and unique workflows, can introduce complexities. It’s crucial to note these migration tools may not cover every aspect required for a comprehensive transition to the cloud. In certain cases, the separation of cloud environments into different instances, each with its own specific set of requirements, becomes necessary.

This month, we invite you to explore a selection of recently completed migration projects, demonstrating how Cprime can tailor its expertise to address the distinctive needs of your organization.

Code42’s Swift Win Over Audit Pressures with Jira and Confluence Cloud Migration

  • Industry: Software, Security
  • Location: Minnesota, USA
  • Type of Migration: Jira & Confluence Server to Cloud

The Problem:

Code42, a significant player in the software security industry, faced a critical challenge as a government-mandated audit approached. The spotlight was on their data, necessitating a migration of their Jira and Confluence systems from server to Cloud. The scope of the migration included the entirety of Jira and Confluence data and plug-ins. Additional intricacies arose in the form of change management, logging, and the setup of OKTA. Complicating matters further were numerous automation processes, workflows, and the inclusion of Zephyr data, adding layers of complexity to the project.

The Solution:

Code42 turned to Cprime, leveraging their successful past collaboration in a similar migration project earlier in the year. The experienced Cprime migration team wasted no time, initiating a test migration within a few weeks of project kickoff.

During the test migration, it became evident that Zephyr presented a formidable challenge, requiring several days to complete. However, quick decision-making and collaboration between the Cprime and Code42 teams helped to quickly develop an efficient solution.

Recognizing that Zephyr’s test execution data would significantly extend the migration window, the teams agreed they would remove it directly from the database. This would greatly reduce migration time, ensuring that the production migration could be completed within a single weekend. Post-production migration, the Zephyr-associated projects were migrated separately, resulting in a successful and timely cutover to the Cloud.

With their data securely residing in the Cloud and meticulously prepared for any government audits, Code42 is well positioned for the future. The transition has not only met stringent requirements but also allows Code42 to leverage the many benefits of Cloud, such as increased efficiency, collaboration, and scalability. This particular collaborative success is also a testament to what is possible when partners are able to build trust through a continued relationship.


Empowering Progress: PowerPlan’s Strategic Migration to the Cloud

  • Industry: Software
  • Location: Georgia, USA
  • Type of Migration: Jira and Confluence Server to Cloud

The Problem:

Amidst an ever-evolving software landscape, Georgia-based software firm PowerPlan encountered a crucial business decision. Driven by the dual factors of end-of-life server support, and desiring the latest features and functionalities, the company opted to migrate from Jira and Confluence Server to the Cloud. While the standard Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) can typically manage the majority of required data and apps for most customers, some of PowerPlan’s critical data could not be migrated with the tool.

The Solution:

A bespoke solution was developed by Cprime’s migration team. Recognizing the unique data requirements, the project team crafted custom advanced scripts and Atlassian migration tools tailored to PowerPlan’s specific needs. 

Utilizing the certified Atlassian migration methodology, complemented by Cprime’s custom solutions, provided a truly personalized approach that met the client’s specific requirements. Moreover, Cprime’s project team helped facilitate communication between Atlassian support throughout the engagement, ensuring a seamless customer experience. 

PowerPlan successfully migrated to the Cloud and is now poised to leverage the latest functionalities and capabilities that Cloud offers. This migration not only addressed their immediate needs but also positioned PowerPlan for continued success in the evolving landscape of software management and development.

Dividing Horizons: TransACT Technology Solutions’ Success in Cloud-to-Cloud Separation Migration

  • Industry: Information Technology & Services
  • Location: England
  • Type of Migration: Cloud to Cloud Migration

The Problem:

Ascential and TransACT Technology Solutions found themselves at a crossroads when Ascential underwent a split, necessitating a Cloud-to-Cloud separation migration. With each separate entity requiring its own distinct space, the challenge was not a typical migration but rather a division of three instances from a unified one. Although the company was already in Cloud, the intricacies of the split posed unique challenges rarely encountered in more conventional consolidation migrations.

The Solution:

Cprime stepped in with a strategic approach to tackle this uncommon Cloud migration. The team orchestrated a series of meticulous test migrations, ensuring the seamless division of the three instances. Each migration involved thorough checks, post-migration clean-ups, and optimizations tailored to the specific needs of each entity. 

Despite the complexities of managing multiple stakeholders and requirements, the team navigated the Cloud-to-Cloud separation with precision, conducting three concurrent production weekends to facilitate a successful migration experience.

Major New York Insurance Company Navigates a Complex Confluence Cloud Migration

  • Industry: Insurance
  • Company Size: 10,001+ employees
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Type of Migration: Confluence Cloud Migration

The Problem:

In the heart of New York, a major insurance company faced a pivotal moment with the impending end-of-life server support for Confluence. The company was steadfast in its commitment to delivering an elevated user experience while simultaneously grappling with the challenges of decreasing maintenance costs and minimizing downtime. 

As the inevitability of migrating to the Cloud loomed, a complex hurdle emerged—the multitude of add-ons vital to their operations was incompatible with Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant (CCMA). This incompatibility mandated a meticulous manual migration effort, adding layers of complexity to the transition.

The Solution:

Enter Cprime’s experienced migration team. Faced with the challenge of non-CCMA-compatible add-ons, the team conducted extensive research to identify viable workarounds. Transparent communication channels were crucial in keeping the client updated on potential user impacts and fostering a proactive decision-making environment. Through collaborative troubleshooting and working sessions, the project team efficiently developed a comprehensive migration runbook. This meticulous planning paved the way for a seamless production migration weekend.

Freed from the complexities of exhaustive maintenance and administrative burdens, the insurance company can now redirect its focus toward enhancing user experiences and prioritizing core business objectives. This Confluence Cloud migration, under the guidance of Cprime’s expertise and shared best practices, not only facilitated a seamless transition but also positioned the company for a future defined by operational efficiency and innovation.


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